Best Blue Waters Restaurants Dubai | Perfect Spots
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Best Blue Waters Restaurants Dubai | Perfect Spots

Dubai is renowned for its stunning skyline, luxurious shopping malls, and vibrant nightlife. But did you know that this bustling city also offers some of the best dining experiences with breathtaking views of the shimmering blue waters? In this blog post, we’ll take you on a culinary journey to discover the top restaurants in Dubai where you can indulge in delicious cuisine while soaking in panoramic views of the ocean. Get ready to explore the Best Blue Waters Restaurants Dubai has to offer – these perfect spots are sure to elevate your dining experience to new heights!

Best Blue Waters Restaurants Dubai

1. Dolce Green

Bluewaters Restaurants

Dolce Green is located in Dubai’s Bluewaters area. It is a classy eatery with amazing views of the Arabian Gulf. The restaurant is known for its modern Mediterranean food, especially fresh seafood.

The place has both indoor and outdoor seating. This makes it ideal for a relaxed meal with great views. You can enjoy light Mediterranean dishes or a rich seafood feast here.

They serve top-notch lobster, prawns, and more. Your meal can be enjoyed with a glass of white wine. The calming ocean sounds and breeze make dining here unforgettable.

Being in Bluewaters, you get unmatched ocean views. It’s perfect for a romantic evening or a laid-back lunch with friends. The restaurant is classy and memorable.

Cuisine Specialties Ambiance
Contemporary Mediterranean Fresh seafood, lobster, prawns, white fish, salads Elegant, serene, panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf

Step into the elegance of Dolce Green. It stands out among Dubai’s harbour restaurants and sea coastal dining spots. You’ll love the stunning views and wonderful food here.


Contact: +97144524905


2. Günaydın

Günaydın restaurant

Situated on the Bluewaters promenade in Dubai, Günaydın is a top choice for Turkish food. It gives amazing views of the Arabian Gulf. You can try many Turkish dishes, like grilled meats and meze platters, as well as fresh bread. The outdoor seating lets diners enjoy their meal while looking at the pretty coastal views nearby.

The restaurant is all about real Turkish food. Its special location by the water makes it a top place to visit in Dubai. You’ll find delicious kebabs and meze dishes that feel like you’re dining by the sea in Turkey.

If you want a relaxing lunch or a fancy dinner, Günaydın is perfect. It mixes great Turkish food with stunning views of the ocean. You can enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean. And, you get to see the beautiful blue waters and far off Dubai from your seat. This makes it a special place among the cafes and bistros at the Bluewaters promenade.


Contact: +97144537937




THIS IS HOT DOG sits on Dubai’s lovely Bluewaters waterfront. It’s a casual place with great views and American street food. You can enjoy your food while looking out at the beautiful Arabian Gulf.

The restaurant is known for its unique hot dogs. They have everything from regular beef hot dogs to exciting choices like spicy chorizo. Even vegetarians will find a hot dog they love here.

But it’s not just hot dogs. The menu also offers American favourites like hamburgers and fries. You can eat outside and enjoy the view. It’s the perfect spot to see Bluewaters.

If you’re looking for a place to eat by the sea, THIS IS HOT DOG is perfect. It’s great for a laid-back meal or a quick snack. You’ll find it stands out among other options for its beautiful view and seaside feel.

Signature Dishes Pricing
Classic Beef Hot Dog AED 35
Spicy Chorizo Dog AED 42
Vegetarian Hot Dog AED 39
Loaded Chili Cheese Fries AED 25
Oreo Milkshake AED 28


Contact: +971800844


4. L’ETO

blue waters restaurants

Tucked in the heart of Dubai’s beautiful Bluewaters, L’ETO is much more than a café. It’s a place that lets you taste the good life. Overlooking the Arabian Gulf, it’s known for its fresh bread, cakes, and light meals.

The terrace is a top spot for a stylish afternoon tea or a laid-back morning meal. Here, you can enjoy L’ETO’s treats while taking in amazing coastal views. It’s the best place in Dubai for a croissant lover, cake lover, or someone who enjoys a big breakfast.

L’ETO is all about great vibes, yummy food, and views that steal your heart. It’s a key stop for foodies and anyone looking to enjoy Dubai’s seafront beauty. Plan a visit to this lovely café where the ocean’s goodness meets the shoreline’s charm.


Contact: +97142715710


5. Berber Bluewaters

Berber Bluewaters

Berber Bluewaters is a stunning Moroccan-style eatery in Dubai’s Bluewaters area. It sits right on the waterfront with beautiful North African decor. Guests can enjoy dining with the vibrant tastes of Morocco.

Its menu highlights the best of Moroccan food, like tagines and couscous. You can try lamb tagine, chicken with preserved lemon (and olives), or vegetable couscous while looking at the Arabian Gulf.

The place itself is filled in Moroccan architecture with bright colours and patterns. It has lanterns, soft fabrics, and wooden decorations. Guests can pick indoor dining or the waterfront terrace for a cool coastal vibe.

Berber Bluewaters is perfect for those keen on Moroccan food and stunning sea views. It’s a top spot in the Dubai Bluewaters area. This restaurant promises real Moroccan tastes and an unforgettable setting for everyone who comes.

Contact: +97143933222


6. Mitts & Trays Blue Water

harbour restaurants

In Dubai, Mitts & Trays Blue Water sits on the stunning Bluewaters promenade. It’s a beachfront restaurant known for its yummy grilled meats and fresh seafood. With its chill vibes and amazing views of Arabian Gulf, it’s ideal for a relaxed meal with friends or family.

This spot shines with its outdoor seating. Here, you can enjoy the warm sun and sea breezes. The menu is full of and the best catches from the . Mitts & Trays Blue Water brings a variety of marine cuisine and coastal dining to please everyone.

Fancy a tasty grilled steak or seafood platter? This beachfront café is perfect for you. It’s all about the laid-back vibe and the amazing sparkling blue waters views. Mitts & Trays Blue Water is your go-to for unforgettable oceanside restaurants in Dubai.

Contact: +97142236808



KETCH UP Restaurant

KETCH UP is a lively restaurant. It’s on the Bluewaters promenade in Dubai. It has great views of the Arabian Gulf. This place is famous for its seafood and offers both local dishes and global flavours.

The restaurant’s design is modern with a touch of the sea. It also has seats outside. Here, you can have a meal and enjoy the beautiful sea views. It’s the best place to relax and dine near the water.

Seafood Dish Description Price
Grilled Prawns Succulent grilled prawns served with a lemon-garlic sauce and a side of roasted vegetables. AED 85
Catch of the Day Fresh, locally caught fish of the day, grilled or pan-seared and served with a choice of sides. AED 120
Seafood Platter An assortment of the freshest local seafood, including grilled squid, seared scallops, and steamed mussels. AED 180

KETCH UP is on the Bluewaters promenade. It’s a great place for seafood with a view. You can come here for a simple lunch or a nice dinner. It’s a lively café by the sea.

This restaurant has a fresh, marine look. You can also sit outside. It’s perfect for enjoying a meal while gazing at the sea. They offer a range of dishes, both local and from around the world.


Contact: +971507507424


8. Un Dimanche à Paris

un dimanche a paris dubai

In Dubai’s Bluewaters, you’ll find Un Dimanche à Paris, a restaurant with French flair. It offers stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. Its menu is filled with French favourites like croque monsieurs and crépes.

At Un Dimanche à Paris, you’ll feel like you’re in a Parisian café. The place is beautifully decorated and offers terrace seats. This makes it a great spot to enjoy French coastal food and Dubai’s views.

If you love French food, Un Dimanche à Paris is perfect. It serves up delightful dishes in a beautiful setting. You can enjoy the taste of France against the backdrop of Dubai’s sea. It’s a top choice for anyone who dreams of dining by the ocean or sea coastal dining.

Restaurant Cuisine Highlight Breathtaking View
Un Dimanche à Paris French Classic French dishes, including croque monsieurs and crépes Panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf
Dolce Green Mediterranean Fresh seafood and contemporary cuisine Stunning vistas of the sparkling blue waters
Günaydın Turkish Authentic Turkish dishes and grilled meats Breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf
THIS IS HOT DOG American Gourmet hot dogs and American-inspired street food Coastal scenery and views of the blue waters


Contact: +97145640044


9. MADO Restaurant

Located on the beautiful Bluewaters promenade, MADO Restaurant in Dubai brings a taste of Turkey with a modern flair. It overlooks the Arabian Gulf, inviting guests to try the best of traditional Turkish cuisine. The dishes are full of the Mediterranean’s lively tastes.

The menu at MADO includes tempting meze, well-grilled kebabs, and fresh seafood. Diners enjoy these treats while surrounded by the stunning coastal view. The choice is to sit indoors in a modern and snug setting or on the terrace.

The calm and stylish atmosphere at MADO completes the experience. It’s all thanks to the simple yet elegant design and friendly service. Every visit offers a perfect mix of Turquoise warmth with stunning ocean views in Dubai.

Dish Description Price
Mezze Platter A selection of traditional Turkish appetisers, including hummus, baba ghanoush, and sigara böreği AED 95
Lamb Shish Kebab Tender, marinated lamb skewers grilled to perfection and served with rice and vegetables AED 125
Seafood Platter A delightful assortment of fresh, locally sourced seafood, including grilled prawns, calamari, and sea bass AED 180


Contact: +97142959519


10. Miya Dubai

grilled meats

Located in Dubai’s Bluewaters, Miya Dubai takes you on a unique journey. It gives diners a chance to enjoy top-class Japanese food with the stunning Arabian Gulf in view.

The restaurant’s menu is full of true Japanese flavours. It serves fresh sushi, sashimi, and hot dishes that show off Japan’s food culture. The modern design and outside seating make for a peaceful atmosphere. You can enjoy the food’s rich smells and tastes under the open sky, looking out at the beautiful sea.

Are you in the mood for a rich sushi platter or a warm bowl of ramen? Miya Dubai has you covered with a mix of traditional Japanese food. It brings the taste of Japan to Dubai’s shores. You can enjoy your meal while taking in the amazing seaside views. This waterfront bistro is where Japan’s flavours and Dubai’s beauty come together perfectly.


Contact: +97145640008



Dubai’s Bluewaters has many special blue waters restaurants. They give visitors an amazing dining experience. You can find everything from fancy Mediterranean eateries to chill beachfront cafes.

Every waterfront restaurant here has great views of the Arabian Gulf. They all aim to make your seaside dining experience unforgettable.

Whether you’re looking to eat fresh seafood or enjoy marine cuisine, Dubai’s Bluewater development has it all. Its nautical-themed establishments and beachfront cafes are great for everyone.

Looking for the best ocean view restaurants? Check out Dubai’s Bluewaters development. It’s perfect for everyone. You’ll love the seaside eateries and all the sea shore bistros here.


What types of restaurants can be found in the Bluewaters in Dubai?

In Dubai’s Bluewaters development, you’ll find many types of restaurants. These include fancy Mediterranean spots, real Turkish eateries, and chilled beach cafés. There are also gourmet hot dog places and other spots along the water. They all offer a wide variety to please everyone’s taste.

What are the key features of the restaurants in the Bluewaters?

Bluewaters’ eateries have amazing views of the Arabian Gulf. There are outdoor areas where you can dine and enjoy the stunning coast. They offer a mix of foods, from fresh seafood to French and Turkish dishes. This makes dining there a special and memorable event.

Which restaurants in the Bluewaters are particularly noteworthy?

Noteworthy places at Bluewaters include Dolce Green, offering Mediterranean dishes, and the Turkish restaurant Günaydın with beautiful Gulf views. KETCH UP is great for seafood in a casual setting. Also, visitors love Un Dimanche à Paris for French cuisine and Miya Dubai for authentic Japanese food.

How do the restaurants in the Bluewaters cater to different dining preferences?

Bluewaters has options for every dining style, from relaxed beach spots to elegant fine dining. For instance, you can choose fast food at THIS IS HOT DOG or a fancy meal at Dolce Green. This variety ensures every guest finds something they like.

What is the overall dining experience like at the Bluewaters?

Dining at Bluewaters is all about the stunning waterfront and the great food. From seafood to global fare, there’s much to enjoy while seeing beautiful coastal scenes. The setting and dishes come together to create an amazing dining spot, perfect for coastal living vibes.

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