Best Buffet Restaurants in Dubai for Delightful Dining
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Best Buffet Restaurants in Dubai for Delightful Dining

The smell of cooking meats and spices filled the air. Dubai’s buffet scene was alive with activity. During a visit with my family, I discovered the amazing food these buffets offer. They have everything from live cooking to a mix of global tastes.

Dubai’s buffet places are a heaven for food lovers from everywhere. You can find buffets fit for families or go on a gourmet adventure. There are buffets with foods from all over the globe and even places where you can grill your own food. Every place is ready to make your meal a fun and tasty journey.

Now, let’s explore buffet restaurants in Dubai. It’s a place where your love for food can grow endlessly. Get ready for amazing spreads, cooking that happens right in front of you, and tastes that will keep you coming back for more.

Best Buffet Restaurants in Dubai

1. Danial Restaurant Dubai

danial restaurant dubai

Danial Restaurant Dubai is a special place for food lovers worldwide. It has six live-cooking stations that bring food to life. You can see food being cooked from all over the world.

This includes Asian woks, Middle Eastern grills, Euro bread ovens, and Indian tandoors. Danial Restaurant has fun themed nights like Ocean’s Catch on Thursdays, Arabian Night on Fridays, Weekend Krunch on Saturdays, and Roast Night on Sundays. Just for AED 219, you can enjoy all this from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm.

Themed Night Day Time Price (AED)
Ocean’s Catch Thursday 6:30 pm – 11:30 pm 219
Arabian Night Friday 6:30 pm – 11:30 pm 219
Weekend Krunch Saturday 6:30 pm – 11:30 pm 219
Roast Night Sunday 6:30 pm – 11:30 pm 219


Contact: 043214555


2. Pergolas Restaurant

Pergolas Restaurant

At the top of Hyatt Regency Dubai, you’ll find Pergolas, the city’s only revolving rooftop restaurant. It serves a mix of Arabian, Middle Eastern, European, and Asian foods. Pergolas gives you amazing views around Dubai, including the skyline, the Creek, and the sea. The restaurant’s setting changes from bright and lively during the day to a cozy, romantic vibe at night.

The menu is filled with diverse options. From Assorted Sushi to Rib Eye Steak, each dish is carefully prepared. If you want a friendly place for families or a luxurious buffet spread with dishes from all over the world, Pergolas is perfect. Here, you can have great food and enjoy the stunning views of Dubai.

Dish Description
Assorted Sushi A selection of freshly prepared sushi rolls, showcasing the Dubai cuisine variety.
Rib Eye Steak A succulent, grilled rib eye steak, part of the unlimited food Dubai experience.
Dessert Selection An enticing array of decadent desserts, including local and international favourites.

Don’t miss Pergolas if you’re in Dubai. It’s a buffet restaurant that offers a Friday brunch and unlimited food. You’ll have an unforgettable experience with great buffet deals.

Contact: 043073577


3. Metro

metro dubai buffet

Metro is more than just a Metro Dubai buffet; it’s a full dining adventure. It offers over 220 dishes and 20 live stations, and you can choose from a variety of international cuisines.

They focus on bringing authentic Asian flavours to your table. The themes change regularly, so each visit is a new culinary journey. For anyone who loves food, this is a top place to explore.

The Dubai buffet deals at Metro offer great value. You can pick from a wide range of dishes, perfect for all tastes. Whether you’re after endless food or a spot to enjoy with family, Metro has you covered.

Don’t miss the Friday brunch in Dubai. It’s a chance to enjoy a feast of unlimited food. Visit Metro for this signature experience in all-you-can-eat Dubai.

Contact: 043877777


4. White Orchid Restaurant

white orchid restaurant dubai

White Orchid Restaurant in Dubai is known for its DIY grilling concept. At every table, guests get their own personal table grill. This lets diners cook their starters just the way they like.

Their buffet offers Indian restaurant-style dishes and Middle Eastern, Asian, and Continental cuisines. A must-try is the live Mongolian tava grill known as the “Wish Grill.” Here, you can eat as much exotic meat, fresh seafood, and tasty veggies as you want, all cooked by experts.

If you’re looking for great food that doesn’t cost a lot, White Orchid is your spot. It’s perfect for families and food lovers who want to enjoy rich food without spending too much. This place is fantastic for Friday brunch or a fancy dinner. It serves a mix of foods from around the world, offering something for everyone.

Dish Description Price
DIY Table Grill Grill your own starters to perfection Included in the buffet
Mongolian Tava Grill Enjoy unlimited servings of exotic meats, seafood, and vegetables Included in the buffet
Lavish Buffet Spread Featuring dishes from Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Continental cuisines AED XX per person

The restaurant offers budget-friendly and family-friendly dining options. Its rich menu with world flavors will surely impress anyone. A visit here promises to treat your taste buds in Dubai.


Contact: 048145604


5. Grand Barbeque Restaurant

grand barbeque restaurant dubai

Grand Barbeque Restaurant offers a unique blend of Brazilian and American steakhouse delights. It mixes the flavours of Southern Brazil with the warm welcome of Texas. Begin your food adventure with refreshing mocktails and a tour of the lavish salad section.

Their skilled Gauchos, known as the “Cowboys of Brazil,” will then start their show. They will bring you various meats like beef, chicken, lamb, sausage, and seafood straight from the grill. End your feast with tasty desserts and a hot espresso, all in Grand Barbeque Restaurant’s special atmosphere and top-notch service.


Contact: 043555404


6. The Collective by Market Cafe

the collective by market cafe dubai

The Collective by Market Cafe is a charming place in the UAE. It offers delicious Pakistani and Mughlai food. This restaurant has been serving great meals for years.

It’s famous for its succulent dishes and many tasty starters. The food takes you on a journey through South Asian flavours. Visiting The Collective by Market Cafe means enjoying the best of Pakistani cuisine.

Contact: 043172221


7. Blooms AVA

blooms ava dubai

Blooms AVA takes its inspiration from Yalumba, a famous wine region in South Australia. It has an inviting, earthy design and serves a mix of Pan Arab and European dishes. You’ll love its interactive kitchen and barbecue area. It’s a top spot for people who love good food and casual vibes. It’s also famous for its special events, including the renowned Yalumba Brunch.

The Friday brunch at Blooms AVA is a big hit. You can enjoy amazing food, sweet treats, and cool drinks. Live music and fun activities add to the vibe. It’s a perfect place for families to enjoy meals from around the world. That’s why it’s known as one of Dubai’s best places for a buffet.


Contact: 0529668160


8. Les Cuisines – Sofitel Dubai Downtown

les cuisines dubai

Les Cuisines is one of the first Korean yakiniku-style restaurants in Dubai. It has a warm and cosy atmosphere. The lighting is nice, adding to the ambiance. You can have an interactive experience here.

Guests get to choose between semi-private booths or individual tables. This is perfect for a delightful grilling session. Their menu is filled with Korean delights. You’ll find well-pickled starters and traditional sides like kimchi, marinated beef, and succulent seafood.

They also offer a selection of wines and beers. This complements your Korean meal well. Les Cuisines ensures an unforgettable dining experience. Flavours truly come alive through yakiniku-style grilling here.


Contact: 045036666


9. Hot Palayok Restaurant & Grill Dubai

hot palayok restaurant & grill dubai

Hot Palayok Restaurant & Grill Dubai offers a taste of the Philippines in the UAE. It’s known for its rich and delicious Filipino dishes. The restaurant has been cooking up great meals for years, making it a top choice for anyone who loves Filipino food.

Whether you’re trying it for the first time or a regular, their food takes you on a journey through the Philippines. They’re committed to serving high-quality dishes, earning them a great reputation. Every bite is a chance to celebrate the amazing flavours of Filipino cuisine.

Contact: 042219797


10. Mundo

Mundo is a cosy restaurant known for its interactive Korean yakiniku-style dining. It has a warm vibe with great lighting. This makes guests feel at home. They can choose to sit in semi-private booths or at individual tables.

This place serves a variety of Korean dishes. They start with well-pickled bites and go on to offer kimchi, marinated beef, and tasty seafood. You can enjoy your meal with a glass of wine or a beer. Mundo aims to make your meal memorable with the fun of yakiniku-style grilling.

Contact: 043300000



Dubai’s buffet scene has something for every taste. It includes buffets with dishes from all over the world. You can also find places where you cook your own food or try tasty South Asian and Korean meals. Guaranteed, the best places for buffets in Dubai will make your mealtime fun and full of flavour. They offer options like a big brunch, different themes each night, or affordable meals for the whole family. Dubai is a great place for buffet lovers.

Imagine watching your food get cooked right in front of you. This is what many buffet places in Dubai offer. From the skills of Asian chefs to the flavours from Middle Eastern kitchens, there’s so much to enjoy. No matter if you’re into exploring new foods or just love a tasty meal, Dubai’s buffets will not disappoint. They’re perfect for families and anyone looking for a great meal experience.


What types of buffet restaurants are available in Dubai?

Dubai’s buffet scene is diverse, with something for everyone. You can find buffets inspired by global tastes and DIY grilling spots. There are also places serving authentic South Asian and Korean food. The best buffet spots in the city offer a mix of great food and fun.

What is the price range for buffet restaurants in Dubai?

Buffet prices in Dubai vary to fit different budgets. High-end places might be around AED 219 per person. But, you can also find more affordable options for a lower price.

Do buffet restaurants in Dubai offer themed nights or special events?

Yes, many Dubai buffet restaurants have themed nights and special events. You might find nights that focus on certain cuisines or offer live entertainment. This makes dining there a unique experience.

Are there any buffet restaurants in Dubai with a view?

Yes, some of Dubai’s best buffets come with stunning views. For example, Pergolas is a rooftop restaurant that spins. It shows off 360-degree views of Dubai, including the skyline, the Creek, and the sea.

Are there any family-friendly buffet options in Dubai?

Definitely, Dubai’s buffet restaurants welcome families. They offer a wide variety of dishes in a family-friendly setting. This makes them great for all family members, young and old.

What types of cuisine can I expect to find at Dubai’s buffet restaurants?

In Dubai, you’ll find buffet restaurants serving international foods from various regions. These include Asian, Middle Eastern, European, and many more. Some places even have live cooking stations where you can see your meals being prepared.

Are there any buffet restaurants in Dubai that specialise in specific cuisines, such as Filipino or Korean?

Yes, the city has an increasing number of buffets specialising in specific cuisines, like Filipino and Korean. For example, you can visit Hot Palayok Restaurant & Grill for Filipino dishes and Les Cuisines and Mundo for Korean food.

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