Best Business Bay Restaurants | Top Dining Spots
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Best Business Bay Restaurants | Top Dining Spots

Dubai’s Business Bay mixes luxury with a unique charm. It’s alongside the artificial Dubai Creek. This area is famous for its tall buildings, fancy homes, and exclusive hotels.

However, what makes it stand out is its lively atmosphere and diverse food scene. The numerous Business Bay restaurants will add flavour to the whole region.

The area shines with top restaurants, from local Palestinian and Italian places to Chinese and Indian food.

Many of these places offer stunning views. You can dine high above, seeing the city’s beautiful skyline and water. This mix includes family-friendly spots and elegant fine-dining places of Business Bay.

Introduction to Business Bay

business bay dubai

Business Bay is an upscale district in Dubai. It’s known for its tall skyscrapers, elegant apartments, and deluxe hotels. Even with its formal feel, the business bay area of Dubai is full of life, offering various places to dine along the sparkling Dubai Creek waterfront. This area’s modern buildings host many places to eat, some with balconies and others on high floors. From these spots, people can see the beautiful city and the water below.

Business Bay is known for its food. It has many restaurants that offer dishes from different countries. You can find everything from simple meals to very fancy ones there. It’s truly a top place for food lovers in Dubai.

Best Business Bay Restaurants

1. Award-Winning Steak and Panoramic Views at Prime68

prime68 dubai

Prime68 sits on the 68th floor of the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel. It offers amazing steaks and breathtaking views of Dubai’s skyline. The restaurant is elegantly designed, with dark tones and exclusive meat cuts like Australian black angus and Kiwami wagyu.

When you dine at Prime68, you’ll enjoy more than just great food. There are special wine and steak evenings, early bird menu offers, and lazy Saturday brunches. All this, paired with the stunning views, makes it a top spot in Dubai for enjoying fine steak.

Contact: 044143000


2. Authentic Indian Flavours at Bombay Brasserie

Bombay Brasserie Dubai

Bombay Brasserie is the top restaurant at Hotel Taj Dubai, mixing classic Indian dishes with a modern touch. Here, guests enjoy their meal in comfy seats, surrounded by vivid, unique art. They can also see expert chefs at work in the open kitchen.

For food, there’s plenty to choose from. You can go for a set menu – either veggie or not, or pick single dishes from the menu. Options range from slow-cooked lamb shanks to various types of biryanis. They even have snacks to share, like padi chat and poppadoms.

If you have a sweet tooth, try the saffron rice or coconut pudding with mango sorbet. These desserts are a highlight. Plus, the bar is all about plants, offering a wide drink selection. It’s a truly special dining spot in Bombay Brasserie Dubai, known as one of the best Indian restaurants in Business Bay.


Contact: 044383222


3. Italian Culinary Story at Fi’lia

filia dubai

Fi’lia means daughter in Italian. It is Dubai’s first filia restaurant, which is run by a woman. Here, you will find authentic and award-winning Italian dishes. The menu showcases recipes from several generations of Italian women. They have added modern touches to traditional tastes. For instance, you can try the filetto beef tenderloin with celeriac or the truffle beef carpaccio.

The restaurant’s light and airy decor matches its straightforward food. During the weekend, guests can dine outside. They enjoy stunning views of the city. This makes brunch on Saturdays a memorable event for everyone. Fi’lia also offers a special menu for business lunches. It’s a top choice for those looking for the best Italian food in Business Bay restaurants.

Contact: 046070770


4. Traditional Chinese Fare at Long Teng

long teng dubai

Long Teng is in the U-bora Residence Towers. It’s a spot for traditional Chinese food, especially seafood. Inside, the decor is modern with an Asian flair. There’s lots of room for big groups and private meals. Plus, the terrace has beautiful views. As you walk in, you’ll see big tanks holding live seafood. This shows the restaurant loves using fresh, top-quality items.

The menu at Long Teng is vast. You’ll find real dim sum, stir-fried veggies, rice noodles (cheang feung), and favourite lobster dishes. They also recommend trying the Peking duck. When you eat, it’s a must to have Chinese tea. Yet, they also offer fresh juices and non-alcoholic beers.

Looking for the best in authentic Chinese restaurants business bay? Long Teng is your place. They’re known for offering a superb eating experience. This is thanks to their top position among top chinese business bay restaurants.

Contact: 042411666


5. Elegant Indian Dining at Rang Mahal

rang mahal dubai

Rang Mahal sits on the fourth floor of JW Marriott Marquis Hotel. It serves elegant Indian cuisine in a refined setting. Here, guests enjoy special cocktails, traditional Indian dishes, and a glamorous vibe.

This makes it great for romantic nights out or fun dinners with friends. On Mondays, they offer a special deal called Limitless Monday. You can eat as much as you like, from crispy squid to Kerala prawn curry. Also, they have many unique cocktails, such as the Punjabi Gladiator, to try.

The Rang Mahal experience shows the restaurant’s focus on the top Indian fine dining restaurants in business bay. They combine traditional recipes with new ideas. This gives their guests a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Contact: 044143000


6. Immersive Dining Experience at Tan Cha

Tan Cha is found in the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel. It gives diners a fresh, engaging dining experience. The food, music, and decor are modern but have deep Chinese traditions.

This top-notch restaurant serves unique dishes like wok-fried wagyu beef and baked barbecued chicken puffs. These items are not usually found in other places.

There are five different rooms at Tan Cha, each with its own look and feel. The private room offers a special dining event. Their cocktails, inspired by Chinese myths, add to the magic.

Being in this special space in the business bay feels unique. The restaurant uses only the best ingredients, ensuring every meal is full of authentic flavour.


Contact: 0566818881


7. Retro-Inspired Dining at The MAINE Land Brasserie

the maine land brasserie dubai

The MAINE Land Brasserie is a retro-inspired eatery. It brings elements of New England to Dubai. It features vintage designs and a mix of old settings with new energy. This mix gives it a fresh, modern vibe, making it a top spot in the city.

On weekdays, a prixe fixe lunch option is available, perfect for business lunches. The main menu also includes a diverse selection, from fresh raw bar offerings to aged beef and classic French dishes.

At the heart of the restaurant is a long bar. Here, skilled bartenders whip up classic cocktails and serve select wines. This spot is ideal for those looking for a unique meal or a taste of New England in Dubai.


Contact: 045776680


8. Authentic Japanese Fare at Izakaya

izakaya dubai

Izakaya is on the fifth floor of the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel. It is a top spot in Dubai for real Japanese food and a fun atmosphere. Inside, it’s modern and dark but keeps a vibey edge. You’ll meet a sake expert and a wasabi pro who make your visit special.

They help with recommendations and prepare fresh wasabi right at your table. The menu is huge, from noodles to teppanyaki and sashimi. Sushi fans go crazy on Tuesdays with a special all-you-can-eat offer.

Izakaya shines as one of the top Japanese spots in Business Bay. It offers the real taste of Japan in the liveliest way in Dubai. The place is known for its big menu, great service, and authentic Japanese dining.


Contact: 044143000


9. Mama’esh Business Bay

mamaesh dubai

Mama’esh is located in Business Bay, Dubai’s finance district. It’s a special place offering genuine Palestinian street food mixed with Middle Eastern tastes. The restaurant takes pride in using only fresh ingredients. It gives keen attention to halal and vegan dishes. The menu tells a tale of Canaan Palestine. It includes specialities like kunafa, zaatar fatayar pizza, and musakhan rolls. Diners get a taste of these unique, faraway flavours.

Mama’esh is loved for its welcoming atmosphere, reasonable costs, and the heartfelt care of the Middle Eastern tradition. In short, it’s a gem in the bustling city, welcoming everyone warmly.


Contact: 600548287


10. Effortless Elegance at Bella

Bella is not just any Italian restaurant. It’s a place where elegance meets effortlessness. Here, you’ll find amazing food, top-notch drinks, and service that’s worth its weight in gold. With its warm colours and simple design, Bella creates a cosy space. You’ll feel like you’re at a top spot for dining in Business Bay.

The menu at Bella is packed with real Italian culinary delights. You can start with tasty nibbles and move on to the main courses. Everything is made with care, using the best spices and herbs. This makes the dishes at Bella full of flavour and utterly delicious.

Dish Description Price
Carpaccio di Manzo Thinly sliced raw beef tenderloin, dressed with rocket, parmesan and truffle oil AED 75
Tagliatelle alla Bolognese Homemade tagliatelle pasta with a classic beef and tomato ragù AED 98
Branzino al Forno Oven-baked sea bass fillet, served with roasted vegetables and lemon butter sauce AED 145
Tiramisu Bella’s signature dessert made with mascarpone, coffee, and cocoa AED 55


Contact: 048733377



Business Bay restaurants in Dubai stand out as a top spot for food. It offers many kinds of restaurants, from top-notch steakhouses to genuine Indian, Chinese, and Italian places. Each spot not only serves tasty dishes but also gives unique dining moments. These include cool settings, new cocktails, and great service.

For those wanting a fancy or chill meal, there’s something for every taste at Business Bay. This makes it a key place for eating in Dubai. As more great restaurants open, Business Bay keeps its title as a top food hub. It has the best places to eat in Dubai Business Bay.

Places like Prime68 for great steaks, Bombay Brasserie for real Indian flavours, Bella for its charm, and Tan Cha for a full experience show how Business Bay caters to all eats and styles. You can find a fancy steak night, Indian delights or a relaxed Italian meal here. This lively spot is a must-visit for anyone loving food in the United Arab Emirates.


What types of restaurants can be found in Business Bay, Dubai?

Business Bay in Dubai has a wide variety of restaurants. You can find everything, from amazing steak houses with great views to Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Middle Eastern spots. It’s known as a top place for food, meeting different tastes.

What are some of the best fine-dining options in Business Bay?

Prime68, Bombay Brasserie, Rang Mahal, and Bella are among the top choices for fine dining in Business Bay. These places are known for their excellent food, great service, and special dining experiences. They also have amazing views of Dubai’s skyline.

Are there any casual or family-friendly dining options in Business Bay?

Yes, you can also find casual and family-friendly places in Business Bay. The MAINE Land Brasserie has a retro vibe. Mama’esh, on the other hand, focuses on Palestinian street food. They offer halal and vegan choices.

Does Business Bay have any unique or immersive dining experiences?

Definitely. Tan Cha and Izakaya offer special dining experiences. They have unique menus, themes, and interactive parts like a sake boy and wasabi girl. These places are all about being different and exciting.

Are there any restaurants in Business Bay that cater to specific dietary requirements?

Yes, Business Bay’s Mama’esh caters to those who need halal or vegan food. Several restaurants here focus on specific dietary needs. This ensures that everyone can enjoy the different food the area has.

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