Top 8 Galleria Mall Restaurants | Best Spots to Eat
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Top 8 Galleria Mall Restaurants | Best Spots to Eat

Looking to satisfy your appetite? The Galleria Mall restaurants in Dubai is the place to be. With everything from casual spots to fine dining, you’ll find food that fits your mood. Whether it’s a fancy meal, a snack, or a big feast, the Galleria Mall has you covered.

Top 8 Galleria Mall Restaurants Dubai

1. Elia Bistro | Galleria Mall

elia bistro galleria mall

Elia Bistro is a top-notch restaurant in the Galleria Mall of Dubai. It’s known for its elegant atmosphere and top-notch Mediterranean cuisine. The chefs here use only the freshest and best ingredients. Their menu is full of yummy options like tapas, pizzettas, and many more.

At Elia Bistro, you must try the Cepe Mushroom Risotto, Spicy Melon Salad, and Black Angus Rib Eye. For those with a sweet tooth, there are Madeleines with Chantilly cream and Crème Brûlée available.

Chef Rory Duncan leads the team, getting creative with dishes from Greece, Italy, and France. The restaurant allows you to dine inside or outside in a smart, cozy setting. Elia Bistro welcomes everyone to enjoy their fine dining experience at the Galleria Mall.

Restaurant Cuisine Pricing Timings
Elia Bistro Mediterranean Varied prices for Mediterranean dishes, featuring dips and favourites like risotto. Serves in an elegant indoor setting or a cozy outdoor area at Al Wasl’s Galleria Mall.
Grazer Afternoon Tea Afternoon tea at Dhs 89, including scones and muffins. Available from 3pm to 5pm.
Signor Sassi Business Lunch Offers a three-course lunch for Dhs 145. Available Monday to Friday, noon to 2.45pm.

From the elegant Elia Bistro to cosy spots in Galleria Mall, Dubai’s food scene is rich. You can find everything from fine dining to quick bites. The Galleria Mall truly has it all for whatever you’re craving.


Location: +971559959579

2. TBK

tbk galleria mall

Located in Dubai’s prestigious Galleria Mall, TBK stands out as a top-notch fine dining spot. It’s all about mixing traditional Mediterranean tastes with new cooking styles. This creates dishes blending old culinary traditions with fresh, modern ideas.

At TBK, every meal is a chance to explore the wonders of Mediterranean cooking. Fresh, top-quality ingredients are the stars of the show, be it in seafood, grilled meats, or vegetarian dishes. The aim is simple: to make every bite a pleasure.

The setting at TBK is just as impressive. Its refined look and feel perfectly match the Mediterranean flavours on your plate. The restaurant offers beautiful views of the Galleria Mall, making your dining experience even more memorable.

Planning a fancy dinner or maybe a relaxed upscale meal? Look no further than TBK in Dubai’s Galleria Mall. It celebrates the best of Mediterranean cooking, all served in a chic setting. This makes it a beacon for those looking for top-tier dining.


Location: +971507559035

3. Tashas Al Barsha

Tashas Al Barsha

Tashas Al Barsha sits snugly in Dubai’s Galleria Mall. It’s loved by many for its tasty Mediterranean and authentic Greek dishes. The menu is perfect for a simple lunch or a relaxed dinner, meeting various tastes and needs.

The classic breakfast is 94 AED, and the mini breakfast costs 70 AED. For a bigger breakfast, try the breakfast royale at 72 AED. You can also add salmon (132 AED) or beef bacon (98 AED).

Dish Price (AED)
Avo toastie 86
Mushroom on toast 76
Brioche French toast 72
Spanish omelette 82
Mariachi scrambled eggs 84
St. Francis scrambled eggs 90
Tourlou Tourlou Rosti 74
Original health breakfast 90
Açaí bowl 68

After breakfast, Tashas Al Barsha continues to impress with its Mediterranean and Greek-inspired meals. Try the hummus toastie for 86 AED or the Salmon teriyaki main, priced at 134 AED. There’s a lot to explore on their menu in the Galleria Mall.


Location: +97145893322

4. Somewhere

Somewhere Galleria Mall

Nestled in Dubai’s Galleria Mall, Somewhere is a favourite for casual meals. It offers food from around the world. This lively spot is loved for its choice in dining experiences.

The menu at Somewhere takes you through a global food adventure. It includes tasty Mediterranean dishes and Asian flavours while making every taste bud happy. Choose from bold pasta, zesty curry, or crisp salad to find your bliss.

Diners love Somewhere for its top-notch food and creative dishes. Fresh and high-quality ingredients take the spotlight in the meals. They also praise the warm and friendly service, which adds to the joy of visiting.

If you’re after a great international meal, Somewhere is splendid for any occasion. It’s perfect for a casual lunch, a relaxed dinner, or a snack break while shopping. The spot’s diverse menu, welcoming vibe, and central position make it a must-visit in Dubai’s Galleria Mall.

Location: +971503196205


joe & the juice galleria mall

JOE & THE JUICE is found in Dubai’s Galleria Mall. It’s a spot for fresh juices, smoothies, and coffee. They also offer light bites. It’s perfect for a quick, healthy meal.

In 2002, Kaspar Basse started it in Copenhagen, Denmark. Now, it has 300+ stores in 16 countries. This includes Dubai, where it has three key stores. The move to the UAE promises new eating places, thanks to a deal with Lavoya, a Veda Inc company.

Two new JOE & THE JUICE spots are already up in Dubai. A third is on its way. At the d3 store, you can sit indoors or out. The outdoor area shows off stunning views of the Burj Khalifa. It makes dining at the Galleria Mall special.

On the menu, you’ll find 14+ types of juices. Try Joe’s Green Mile or Go Away Doc. They also have salads, breakfast bowls, and veggie dishes. Don’t miss the Joe’s Club or the Spicy Tuna. Coffee lovers will enjoy their brews made from beans in Uganda and Guatemala.

JOE & THE JUICE cares about the planet. They cut food waste to just two percent. Plus, they use recycled stuff for straws and more. You can even buy cool stuff like cups and coffee online or in their stores.

The plan is to open 10 shops in the UAE at first. Then, they hope for 50 in the next ten years. This means JOE & THE JUICE will be a big name at the Galleria Mall and in Dubai overall.


Location: +97148809234

6. Five Guys Barsha

Five Guys Barsha

In the lively Galleria Mall, Dubai, you’ll find Five Guys Barsha. It’s a favourite spot for those who love good burgers. This place stands out by using top ingredients and letting you build your own burger.

The Barsha branch in the UAE lets you pick from a crazy 250,000 burger combos. This means every meal at Five Guys Barsha is special. You get exactly what you want in a burger.

But it’s not just about the burgers. Five Guys Barsha makes amazing milkshakes too; over 40,000 flavours to choose from. The secret to their tasty burgers is also in their special buns.

Five Guys is growing fast across the UAE. They’ve opened in many places like Al Barsha, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. The Barsha branch is the 12th in the UAE, making it a top choice for laid-back meals. casual dining fans, burger lovers, and anyone looking for a great time enjoy this place at Galleria Mall.


Location: +97142546385

7. Goldfish Sushi & Yakitori

goldfish sushi & yakitori

Goldfish Sushi & Yakitori is found in Dubai’s Galleria Mall. It’s a top spot for Japanese food lovers. You’ll find amazing sushi and yakitori here, all made by Chef Akmal Anuar. He’s the same chef behind the popular 3FILS restaurant. His skill in Japanese cooking shines through.

Their menu offers 35 dishes. Prices go up to AED210-225 for uni. Look out for dishes over AED80, they use top-quality ingredients for unique tastes. Try the scallop sashimi with pickled cucumber (AED80) and the lobster tempura maki roll (AED75).

The yellowtail – black pepper sashimi is a winner. There’s also special botan ebi, raw shrimp that’s beautifully prepared. You’ll find everything from scallops to Japanese A5 beef here.

If you visit, the Japanese A5 skewer is a must. And save room for dessert. You can’t miss the peanut and milk chocolate tart or the matcha meringue cheesecake.

Goldfish Sushi & Yakitori keeps things simple, focusing on great tastes. It’s perfect for any day out, whether with friends, on a date, or with the family. It’s a special place at Dubai’s Galleria Mall for a unique Japanese dining experience.


8. The Boutique Kitchen

the boutique kitchen

Found in Galleria Mall Dubai, The Boutique Kitchen is a top-notch eatery. It marries age-old Mediterranean cuisine with today’s cooking styles. The mix results in an unforgettable dining adventure for visitors.

This restaurant holds a strong 4.6 out of 5 rating. It’s a leading choice in the Galleria Mall for those after a remarkable meal. The array of dishes is vast, ranging from burgers to salads, ensuring there’s something for every taste.

The drinks here are top-tier, offering everything from soft drinks to homemade milkshakes. When it comes to desserts, prepare to be impressed. The options include divine homemade brownies and various sauces.

In the realm of side dishes, The Boutique Kitchen truly shines. Expect delights such as buttery mashed potato with gravy and the must-try honey-glazed biscuits. The burgers stand out, especially the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich and Signature Cheeseburger.

Looking for something small but packed with flavor. The restaurant’s sliders fit the bill. Choices like the Classic Chicken Slider and the Buffalo Chicken Slider are crowd pleasers. Southern fried chicken in 3, 5, or 8 pieces is also on offer for those with a more serious appetite.

The salad menu here is impressive too. It includes favorites like the crisp Caesar Salad and the hearty Lentil Salad. The meal beginnings are equally tempting, with options such as rich Mac and Cheese and zesty Texan Chili.

Not to be outdone, the sandwich selection is full of mouth-watering choices. Think the lavish TBK Grilled Cheese Sandwich and the classic The New York Ballpark Hotdog. The restaurant even offers home delivery services in the United Arab Emirates to cater to everyone’s needs.

Menu Item Details
Burgers Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich, Signature Cheeseburger
Sliders Classic Chicken Slider, Buffalo Chicken Slider, American Classic Slider
Fried Chicken Southern Fried Chicken (3, 5, or 8 pieces)
Salads Caesar Salad, Lentil Salad, Butternut Squash Salad
Appetizers Mac and Cheese, Texan Chili, Crispy Chicken Wings
Sandwiches TBK Grilled Cheese Sandwich, The New York Ballpark Hotdog
Sides Mashed Potato with Gravy, Corn on the Cob, Honey Glazed Biscuits
Desserts Homemade Brownies, Various Sauces
Beverages Soft Drinks, Mineral Water, Homemade Milkshakes


Location: +971600546642


The Galleria Mall in Dubai has an amazing mix of restaurants. Anyone can find something they like, from easy bites to fine dining places. It’s perfect for any meal you fancy, quick or long, simple or culinary experience.

The mall is packed with top international names and local gems. You can taste foods from around the world. Fancy some Mediterranean, juicy steaks, or tasty sushi? The wide variety of restaurants will make your taste buds happy and your belly full.

The Galleria Mall also offers top-notch shopping and lots of fun. It’s a must-visit for both locals and tourists. So, next time you’re visiting Dubai, don’t miss out on exploring the mall’s amazing culinary landscape. You’ll surely find a place that meets your foodie dreams.


What are the dining options available at Galleria Mall in Dubai?

Galleria Mall in Dubai has lots of dining places for all tastes. You can find anything from simple snacks to fancy meals there. The place has a variety of food, including tastes from the Mediterranean, Greek, Japanese, and America.

What is Tashas Al Barsha known for?

Tashas Al Barsha is famous for its Mediterranean and Greek dishes. It’s found in Dubai’s Galleria Mall. These cuisines are made with care to bring traditional flavours alive.

What is the cuisine and dining experience like at TBK?

TBK, or The Boutique Kitchen, offers a fine dining experience in the Galleria Mall. It marries old Mediterranean tastes with new cooking styles. You’re in for a modern, high-end food adventure.

What kind of menu and dining options can I find at Somewhere?

Somewhere in the Galleria Mall is great for informal meals. They offer food from around the world. It’s the place to go if everyone in your group wants something different.

What can I expect from JOE & THE JUICE at Galleria Mall?

JOE & THE JUICE at the Galleria Mall is perfect for quick and healthy drinks. They have juices, smoothies, and coffee along with simple snacks.

What makes Five Guys Barsha a popular dining option at Galleria Mall?

Five Guys Barsha is a hit for its American burgers. You get yours made as you like with fresh, tasty ingredients. They’re known for letting you build the burger you want.

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