Best Indian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi | Authentic Cuisine
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Best Indian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi | Authentic Cuisine

Abu Dhabi has become a top spot for foodies. It’s filled with Indian restaurants that take you on a taste adventure across India. You can enjoy the spicy curries of the North to the rich dishes of the South. These places cater to everyone, no matter what you like to eat.

If you’re looking for a big tandoori meal, or a tasty dish that’s vegetarian, or even a delicious biryani, Abu Dhabi’s Indian restaurants have it all. They are run by amazing chefs who know how to make real Indian food. Every bite is full of flavour, making you want to come back for more.

Don’t miss the chance to try the best of Indian cuisine in Abu Dhabi. They truly bring a piece of India to the UAE’s capital city.

Best Indian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

1. Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill

In Abu Dhabi’s Venetian Village, at The Ritz-Carlton Grand Canal, you’ll find Punjab Grill. It shines as a true gem for authentic Indian dining. Experience top-notch service and a warm atmosphere at this award-winning Indian restaurant.

This place feels like it’s from early Europe, perfect for any occasion. The menu mixes North Indian and Punjabi food. Try their famous dishes like Salmon Tikka, Karavali Lobster, and Paneer Multani.

Looking to cater to everyone, Punjab Grill offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. The stunning views add to your dining experience. It’s a top choice for those looking for the best in Indian food in Abu Dhabi.

Signature Dishes Dining Experience
  • Salmon Tikka
  • Karavali Lobster
  • Paneer Multani
  • Soothing ambience
  • Panoramic views
  • Vibrant atmosphere

Top Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi include Punjab Grill. It’s a real tribute to the finest Indian chefs Abu Dhabi offers. For any gathering or romantic meal, this award-winning Indian restaurant brings the best of authentic Indian dining to your table.


Contact: +97124499839


2. Moti Mahal Delux Restaurant

Moti Mahal Delux Restaurant

Moti Mahal Delux Restaurant is famous in Abu Dhabi for its Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani, and Tandoori Chicken. They say they were the first to create these dishes. Since 2007, the restaurant offers a top-notch authentic Indian dining experience. They mix great food with a fun atmosphere. Moti Mahal Delux is perfect for those wanting a real Indian restaurant experience. Here, you enjoy tasty food and lively surroundings.

It’s known as one of Abu Dhabi’s top Indian restaurants. It always gets awards for its amazing service and food. The finest Indian chefs lead the kitchen at Moti Mahal Delux. They prepare many traditional Indian meals exceptionally. This pleases even very picky eaters.

Love the creamy taste of Butter Chicken or the spicy punch of Tandoori Chicken? Moti Mahal Delux has exactly what you need. It won’t just be a meal; it will feel like you’re in India. This place is inviting, with great service. It is among the award-winning Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi. For a true and memorable Indian dining experience, visit Moti Mahal Delux.


Contact: +97126742121


3. Asha’s

asha's restaurant abu dhabi

Nestled within Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, Asha’s tells a story with its food. Inspired by Asha Bhonsle, a famous singer, the restaurant takes you on a culinary adventure through North and West India.

At Asha’s, every item on the menu shows their love for Indian food. For vegetarians, there’s Dal Makhani with a modern twist. Meat lovers can enjoy the delicious Murgh Malai Kebabs. The drinks are a perfect match, making the authentic Indian dining experience something special in Abu Dhabi.

Are you looking for a light snack or a big feast? Asha’s welcomes you with open arms. Their dedication to using the finest Indian chefs makes them a favourite. This commitment also helped them become one of the award-winning Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

If you’re after the flavours of South India, Asha’s has you covered. Their dishes celebrate the region’s bright tastes. Each dish offers a genuine authentic Indian culinary experience. It’s a real treat.

If you love Indian food or are just starting to explore, Asha’s is a must-visit. It creates a rich authentic Indian dining experience in Abu Dhabi. You won’t be disappointed.

Contact: +97124926680


4. Via Delhi Restaurant

Via Delhi Restaurant

In Abu Dhabi’s centre, you’ll find the welcoming Via Delhi. It’s a place where you can enjoy real Indian meals in a comfy setting. The warm wood decor makes everyone feel at home. The kind team and soft music add to the peaceful vibe, perfect for tasting the delicious dishes they serve.

At Via Delhi, the menu is full of Indian favourites. It has lots of choices for those who don’t eat meat or animal products. So, it’s a top pick for people looking for halal and veg Indian places in the city. Their dishes range from mouth-watering starters to yummy mains and drinks. It’s a feast for anyone who loves authentic Indian food.

If you fancy a curry, biryani, or lassi, Via Delhi is the place to be. They offer a selection that represents India’s diverse food scene. Known for its top-notch meals in a snug environment, it’s a go-to spot for Indian cuisine fans in Abu Dhabi.

Signature Dishes Dietary Options
Butter Chicken Vegetarian
Chicken Biryani Vegan
Palak Paneer Halal
Masala Dosa Gluten-free

Contact: +971559656168


5. Rangoli

Rangoli Indian Restaurant Abu Dhabi

Placed on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, Rangoli is a chic Indian eatery. It serves up a peaceful dining setting with amazing views. The bright design and luxurious smells greet you at the entrance for an unforgettable food adventure.

The eatery’s menu is full of tempting starters, delicious veg and non-veg dishes, and cool drinks, appealing to many tastes. Those who love Tandoor will find the kebabs and tikkas irresistible. For a special night out, there’s a fine wine selection to explore.

Rangoli offers a detailed menu with dishes from both North and South India. It focuses on fresh, top-notch ingredients and true spices. This means every dish mirrors India’s food tradition beautifully.

If you want a filling halal meal or a tasty vegetarian option, Rangoli has it all. Its menu showcases both South Indian treats like dosa and North Indian classics such as biryani and tandoori.

Rangoli stands out for its dedication to top-quality, genuine food, and a friendly vibe. In Abu Dhabi, it has won the hearts of Indian food fans. It’s perfect for marking a special event or just enjoying Indian cuisine any day at this Yas Island gem.


Contact: +97126564000


6. Sangeetha Vegetarian

Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Nestled in Abu Dhabi, Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant is a top pick for lovers of Indian vegetarian food. This veggie-only spot has become popular for its fresh and tasty plant-based meals.

Their menu blends classic favourites with new twists in Indian veg dishes. You’ll find yourself enjoying traditional curries and lentils, plus unique mock meat options, all made with lots of love.

They take Indian veg cooking seriously and it shows in the delicate flavours and textures. Their Paneer Butter Masala is both rich and smooth, while Chole Bhature offers a warm, filling meal. Each bite reflects the true essence of India’s veg cuisine.

Sangeetha welcomes both local fans and visitors who love Indian vegetarian food. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to this food or a long-time fan, their dishes will impress you. It’s the perfect restaurant in Abu Dhabi for anyone craving authentic Indian vegetarian meals.

If you’re after real Indian vegetarian food, Sangeetha is where you want to be. It’s a journey through the bold taste of India with each dish.

Contact: +97125533444


7. Indian By Nature Restaurant

Indian By Nature Restaurant Abu Dhabi

The Indian By Nature Restaurant in Abu Dhabi is a top spot for those wanting a taste of India. It showcases a wide variety of Indian dishes. You can find everything from classic items to local favourites. The place really focuses on keeping things authentic and delicious.

They choose only the best and freshest ingredients for their food. This, paired with traditional cooking, makes every meal amazing. So, if you want a yummy curry, a juicy grilled dish, or some veggie treats, this is the place to go.

Looking for real authentic Indian dining in Abu Dhabi? Indian By Nature Restaurant is a stand-out. It shows off the very best of Indian cuisine in the city.

The restaurant also makes it easy to order online. This is great for those who don’t want to dine out. It offers a smooth and simple delivery service.

Whether you’re planning a family event, a date, or just meeting friends, this place is ideal. The Indian By Nature Restaurant is known for its quality, real taste, and great service. It will truly impress you, no matter what the occasion.


Contact: +97126677898


8. Tandoori Corner

indian restaurants in abu dhabi

In the heart of Abu Dhabi, you’ll find Tandoori Corner, a much-loved Indian eatery. This place is known for its tandoori cooking, offering dishes from North and South India, along with Indo-Chinese cuisine. Everything is made with great care and expertise, making it a top choice for indian food lovers.

At Tandoori Corner, you can start a food journey like no other. The menu shines with tandoori favourites like kebabs and curries. You can try classics like chicken tikka or go for something more daring, like lamb seekh kebab. Each dish is a flavour and texture adventure.

This restaurant caters to all tastes, including vegetarians. It’s known for its welcoming atmosphere, drawing in those looking for top Indian dishes in Abu Dhabi. With its inviting vibe, Tandoori Corner has quickly become a favourite among indian food fans in the Emirati capital.

Tandoori Corner is all about giving you a real taste of India. It’s a top choice for anyone wanting authentic Indian food in Abu Dhabi. Here, you can enjoy classics or new tandoori creations. It’s a place that celebrates the varied flavours of Indian cooking.

This eatery is popular with both locals and tourists. Its focus on quality and true Indian tastes has won hearts. Tandoori Corner has a well-earned place as one of the best, especially for those looking for halal options in Abu Dhabi. With its great service, it stands out as a top choice for Indian cuisine in the city.

Contact: +97124458686


9. Saravanaa Bhavan Abudhabi

south indian restaurants abu dhabi

In the heart of Abu Dhabi, Saravanaa Bhavan Abudhabi shines as a top spot for real South Indian food. It’s known for its lively dishes, offering a wide menu from the South. Customers can explore the rich food culture of Southern India here.

Looking for a tasty dosa, a fresh idli, or a spicy curry? Saravanaa Bhavan Abudhabi has it all. They use the best and newest ingredients to keep dishes truly South Indian.

Walking into Saravanaa Bhavan Abudhabi feels like visiting South India’s lively streets. Its friendly feel and great service promise an authentic meal. Every visit introduces diners to the South’s rich food and culture.

Wishing to taste real South Indian food in Abu Dhabi? Saravanaa Bhavan Abudhabi is your place. They focus on realness, quality, and respect the South’s food traditions. Get ready for a journey full of new flavours and joy in every bite.

Dish Description Price
Masala Dosa A crispy, paper-thin crepe filled with spiced potatoes AED 25
Sambar Vada Savoury lentil doughnuts served with a tangy sambar soup AED 18
Chicken Chettinad A spicy and aromatic chicken curry from the Chettinad region AED 35
Rava Idli Steamed savoury rice cakes made with semolina AED 20


Contact: +97126323885


10. Ruchi Restaurant

In the centre of Abu Dhabi lies Ruchi Restaurant, a place known for its beautiful Indian dishes. It’s loved by many for its genuine Indian flavours. Here, traditional cooking methods and fresh, high-grade ingredients rule.

You’ll find a mix of classic North Indian meals and creative regional delights on the menu. It caters to various tastes and dietary needs. If curry or biryani is what you seek, or maybe some vegetarian dishes, come and experience India’s diverse food culture here.

Ruchi Restaurant ensures a full-on Indian food experience, even when delivering. Details matter here, from the cosy atmosphere to the flawless service. They use Halal Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi ingredients and have options for vegetarians and those who can’t have gluten.

As you walk in, you’re hit with the lovely smell of spices and see the bright colors of Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a chance to enjoy and understand India’s food varieties.

Contact: +97126792679



Abu Dhabi’s food scene is made richer by its many Indian restaurants. They give a delicious taste of India. Places like Punjab Grill and Asha’s offer modern Indian food in a fancy setting. And there are more traditional spots like Via Delhi and Saravanaa Bhavan Abudhabi. They make you feel at home.

These Indian eateries cater to different tastes, from spicy curries to tasty tandoori. They also have great vegetarian dishes. This variety shows India’s vast food culture. The restaurants focus on quality and being welcoming. That’s why Abu Dhabi is known as a lively spot for Indian food. It welcomes everyone to enjoy a trip through Indian flavours.

Abu Dhabi has a mix of fancy and traditional Indian eateries. From Punjab Grill to Saravanaa Bhavan Abudhabi, they welcome all tastes. You’ll find everything from spicy curries to veggie dishes here. They all work hard to offer good food and a friendly space. This makes Abu Dhabi a top spot for Indian dining. It’s like a doorway to the amazing flavours of India.


What types of Indian cuisine can be found in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi’s Indian food scene has a lot to offer. You can find North Indian classics, dishes from all over India, and many vegetarian options. They serve curries, tandoori items, biryani, and dosas.

Are there any award-winning or renowned Indian chefs in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, Abu Dhabi is home to many Indian restaurants with experienced chefs. These chefs have won awards for their skills in making real Indian food. They make dining a true Indian experience in Abu Dhabi.

Are there any halal or vegetarian Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, Abu Dhabi offers plenty of choices for those looking for halal or vegetarian food. For instance, Sangeetha Vegetarian and Ruchi Restaurant have a lot of delicious, nutritious Indian food for all diners.

Can I order Indian food for delivery in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, getting Indian food delivered in Abu Dhabi is easy. Many Indian restaurants offer delivery services. This means you can have your favourite Indian dishes at home. Restaurants like Via Delhi and Tandoori Corner have great online ordering options.

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