Top 10 Places to Visit in Sharjah for Free With Family
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Top 10 Places to Visit in Sharjah for Free With Family

As the sun perches high above the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah unfurls its vibrant tapestry, inviting families to explore its rich cultural landscape. Imagine a place where joy doesn’t chip away at your savings, and every corner turned uncovers another avenue for learning, play, and relaxation. This is the essence of family-friendly attractions in Sharjah—an abode where budget-friendly attractions meet educational wonder, history interweaves with modernity, and scenic beauty harmonizes with cultural depth, all at no cost.

In Sharjah, the cultural capital of the UAE, avenues for a family day out gleam with the promise of cherished memories without the shadow of expense. For parents and children alike, finding places to visit in Sharjah for free with family is a delightful quest through a medley of experiences—ones that paint smiles, ignite curiosity, and leave a luminous trail in the heart. From the waterfront echoes of Al Majaz to the time capsules within the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, here awaits a city that generously serves wonder, learning, and leisure on a platter of zero expense.

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Sharjah for Free With Family

1. Al Majaz Waterfront: A Fusion of Recreation and Splendor

Among the best parks in Sharjah, Al Majaz Waterfront stands out as a picturesque locale perfect for a range of outdoor activities in Sharjah for families. This waterfront, nestled along the serene Al Qasba canal, not only offers breathtaking views but is also a hub for family-oriented entertainment and leisure activities.

Scenic Jogging Tracks and Walking Areas

Al Majaz Waterfront is renowned for its well-maintained jogging tracks and expansive walking areas. These facilities make it an ideal spot for families and fitness enthusiasts looking to indulge in some physical exercise while enjoying the scenic surroundings. The paths are strategically positioned to offer the best views of the waterfront, enhancing the overall outdoor experience for visitors.

Experience the Sharjah Musical Fountain

The heart of Al Majaz Waterfront is the Sharjah Musical Fountain, a captivating attraction that mesmerizes visitors with its spectacular displays of water, light, and music. This remarkable fountain is one of the largest in the region and becomes a central attraction as it illuminates the evening sky with colorful, choreographed performances that delight all age groups.

Festive Celebrations and Fireworks Displays

Al Majaz Waterfront transforms into a vibrant festival ground during special occasions like Eid and New Year’s Eve. Families gathered here are treated to grand fireworks displays that light up the sky with dazzling colors. These celebrations at one of the best parks in Sharjah foster a strong sense of community and joy among both locals and tourists.

Al Majaz Waterfront

2. Exploring the Historical Elegance of Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Embark on a cultural journey as you step into the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, a cornerstone among historical places in Sharjah. This landmark is not only a repository of art and learning but also a striking example of Islamic architecture, making it a significant cultural experience in Sharjah.

Architectural Marvel and Cultural Insights

The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization stands as a testament to the grandeur of Islamic design, encapsulated in its golden dome and intricate embellishments. Visitors are immediately drawn to the sophisticated craftsmanship that speaks volumes of the Islamic heritage cherished within its walls. Here, history and spirituality blend seamlessly, offering a profound insight into the cultural experiences Sharjah offers its visitors.

Exploring a Rich Heritage

Inside, the museum unfolds its vast collections ranging from Islamic sciences to art and textiles, each telling a story of the vibrant past of the Muslim world. The exhibits provide a narrative that is both educational and enlightening, emphasizing Sharjah’s role in preserving and celebrating Islamic culture. Families and history enthusiasts will find the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization a treasure trove of artifacts that illuminate the intellectual achievements of the civilization.

The museum does not just display artifacts; it also offers interactive experiences that engage visitors of all ages, making it a landmark historical place in Sharjah. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, the museum offers a unique opportunity to gain deeper appreciation and understanding of the region’s rich cultural fabric.

By visiting the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, one not only witnesses the beauty of Islamic art but also enriches their knowledge, ensuring a memorable cultural experience in Sharjah, unlike any other.

3. Sharjah Aquarium: A Window to the Underwater World

Encapsulating one of the top family-friendly activities in Sharjah, the Sharjah Aquarium offers a mesmerizing glimpse into the diverse marine life that thrives beneath the surface. This expansive facility is one of the most popular family-friendly attractions in Sharjah, featuring 1.8 million liters of water and covering an area of 6,500 m2. The rich variety of species housed here makes it a must-visit destination for families and marine enthusiasts alike.

Sharjah Aquarium marine life

The aquarium showcases around 100 different species of marine creatures, from the graceful seahorses to the powerful Caribbean reef sharks, and the vibrantly colored clownfish. Each habitat, including lagoons, mangroves, and coral reefs, has been meticulously designed to mimic natural environments, thereby supporting the conservation of these species while providing visitors with an authentic underwater experience.

  • Explore Lagoon Displays: Experience the calm of the lagoon settings, a serene replica of shallow waters where mangroves thrive and many juvenile marine species find shelter.
  • Mangrove Exhibits: Walk through the mangrove ecosystems that play a crucial role in coastal protection and biodiversity sustainability.
  • Coral Reefs: Marvel at the bustling life within the coral reefs, the underwater ecosystems known for their dazzling colors and complex structures.

Visiting the Sharjah Aquarium not only provides educational insights into marine life but also offers a delightful retreat for families looking to spend quality time together. Its status as a center for marine education and conservation makes it a pinnacle among the family-friendly attractions Sharjah has to offer.

4. Al Noor Island: Unwinding Amidst Nature and Art

Al Noor Island, accessed via a picturesque bridge from Corniche Street in Sharjah, serves as a tranquil retreat for families and art lovers alike. As one of the best parks in Sharjah for families, it is renowned not only for its serene landscapes but also for the innovative art installations scattered across the island. This combination of nature and creativity creates fun experiences in Sharjah without cost, making it an ideal destination for a leisurely day out.

Serene Gardens and Modern Installations

The gardens of Al Noor Island are thoughtfully designed, blending natural flora with artistic structures, which accentuate the inherent beauty of the area. These modern installations are not just visually appealing but are intended to provoke thought and inspire tranquility, complementing the lush greenery and waterfront views perfectly.

The Colorful Butterfly House

Al Noor Island is also home to a vibrant Butterfly House, which is recognized as one of the most captivating attractions on the island. Housing about 500 species of butterflies, it offers visitors a unique opportunity to observe these delicate insects in a habitat that has been curated to emulate their natural environment. This up-close interaction with nature is not only enchanting but also educational, making it a highlight for family visits.

Feature Description
Serene Gardens Expansive gardens with a mix of native and exotic plants, perfect for relaxation and leisure walks.
Art Installations Contemporary artworks that blend seamlessly with nature, crafted by renowned artists.
Butterfly House An immersive experience with hundreds of butterflies, aiming to educate and fascinate visitors of all ages.

5. Sharjah Science Museum: An Interactive Educational Adventure

Since its inauguration in 1996, the Sharjah Science Museum has become a cornerstone of educational activities in Sharjah, particularly for those looking for free things to do in Sharjah with kids. The museum is dedicated to making science accessible and fun through its interactive exhibits and hands-on learning experiences.

The museum focuses on a wide range of scientific fields including aerodynamics, physiology, and thermal physics. It’s particularly famous for its mesmerizing planetarium shows that offer a gateway to the mysteries of the universe. These exhibits are designed to engage young minds and spark a lifelong interest in science and discovery.

One of the most valued aspects of the museum is its array of expert-led workshops. These sessions are aimed at helping participants understand scientific concepts through practical application, making it a popular spot for school field trips and family outings.

Interactive exhibits at Sharjah Science Museum

Here’s a quick look at some key sections and the type of experiments you can engage in during a visit:

  • Physics Lab: Explore the principles of motion, electricity, and magnetism through interactive experiments.
  • Biology Section: Get up close with the human body and other biological mysteries.
  • Discovery Space: A favorite among younger children where they can learn through play.

The Sharjah Science Museum not only offers an educational journey but also provides a fun and engaging atmosphere where both kids and adults can develop a keener understanding of the world around them. It stands out as one of the top free things to do in Sharjah with kids, offering both educational value and entertainment.

6. Discovering Al Montazah Parks: An Oasis of Fun

Renowned as one of the best parks in Sharjah, Al Montazah Parks offer a lush expanse where urban vibrancy meets tranquil greenery. These parks serve as family-friendly attractions in Sharjah, providing locals and tourists an ideal spot to unwind and engage in a variety of outdoor activities.

Verdant Landscapes and Refreshing Waters

Al Montazah Parks are celebrated for their beautifully maintained gardens, and expansive water bodies that create a refreshing environment during the region’s warm climate. These elements combined allow for a peaceful retreat right in the heart of Sharjah.

Al Montazah Parks’ Attractions for All Ages

With facilities catering to all age groups, these parks not only guarantee safety with their age-appropriate playgrounds but also promise adventure and excitement with their vibrant floral displays and interactive attractions. It’s a space where every member of the family can find something to enjoy.

Feature Description
Play Areas Safe and engaging play setups for children of various ages.
Green Spaces Expansive lawns for picnics and leisurely strolls amidst nature.
Water Elements Splash pads and scenic ponds that add to the park’s serene ambiance.

7. Architectural Beauty and Spirituality at Al Noor Mosque

One of the top landmarks in Sharjah, Al Noor Mosque, not only offers a stunning example of Ottoman-inspired architectural design but also serves as a cultural site where visitors can engage with Islamic traditions at no cost. This mosque stands as a beacon of spiritual and cultural enrichment within the city.

Cultural Tours and Ottoman-Inspired Design

Al Noor Mosque is renowned for its captivating Ottoman-inspired architecture, making it a must-visit among cultural sites in Sharjah for free. Visitors can partake in guided cultural tours that elucidate the architectural intricacies and historical significance of this magnificent structure. The tours are designed to enhance understanding of the spiritual arts that are deeply rooted in Islamic culture.

Exploration of Islamic Customs and Traditions

The mosque is not just a place of worship but also a venue for cultural engagement, where visitors from all backgrounds come to learn about Islamic customs and traditions. These enriching experiences underscore the diversity and richness of the Islamic faith and foster a deeper appreciation among tourists and local residents alike.

At Al Noor Mosque, each visit promises a journey through the artistry and history of Islamic culture, offering insights that are both educational and inspiring.

Feature Description
Architecture Ottoman-inspired design with intricate detailing that highlights Islamic artistry.
Cultural Tours Guided tours available, providing insights into the mosque’s architecture and the Islamic traditions it embodies.
Accessibility Open to both Muslims and non-Muslims, offering a welcoming space for all visitors to explore and learn.
Cost Free, making it an accessible cultural site in Sharjah for visitors and locals.

Al Noor Mosque

8. Historical Voyages at the Mleiha Archaeological Centre

Embark on a captivating journey at the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, where the sands of time are brushed away to reveal the fascinating history of historical places in Sharjah. This center provides a deep dive into the ancient Bedouin civilization with its array of prehistoric artifacts and immersive, interactive displays.

Not only is Mleiha a cornerstone for cultural experiences in Sharjah, it offers a unique educational environment through its state-of-the-art facilities that include digital gaming systems and educational motion pictures, making history accessible and engaging for all ages.

Here, visitors uncover the intricate details of the region’s heritage, exploring ancient tombs, houses, and cemeteries that paint a picture of life 2,500 years ago. The center’s exceptional exhibits cater to both history buffs and young explorers, igniting a passion for archaeology and the stories of past civilizations.

Exhibit Description
Prehistoric Tools Discover tools used by early inhabitants for survival and building communities.
Ancient Tombs Explore the design and significance of tombs that provide insight into burial customs and beliefs of ancient times.
Bedouin Lifestyle Immerse in the everyday life and survival strategies of the Bedouin culture through interactive displays.
Archaeological Discoveries Engage with recent archaeological findings showcasing jewelry, pottery, and other artifacts.

The Mleiha Archaeological Centre stands as a testament to the rich history of historical places in Sharjah, offering a comprehensive overview of the region’s archaeological and cultural timeline. This center not only preserves but vibrantly showcases the historical narratives that are crucial to understanding the present and inspiring future generations.

9. Sharjah Classic Car Museum: A Journey Through Time

One of the most captivating attractions in Sharjah, the Sharjah Classic Car Museum, offers a unique and enriching experience for visitors of all ages. Displaying an impressive range of vintage automobiles, this museum stands out as a budget-friendly place to visit in Sharjah, combining educational exhibits with the sheer excitement of classic car culture.

Sharjah Classic Car Museum

As you walk through the museum, you are transported back in time, traversing the evolution of the automotive industry. Each vehicle is meticulously restored, preserving the glamour and engineering brilliance of its time.

Vintage Automobiles and Cultural Heritage

The collection includes a variety of automobiles from different decades of the 20th century, each telling its own story about technological progress and design aesthetics. Car enthusiasts and history buffs alike will admire the way Sharjah Classic Car Museum showcases these rare pieces, making it a must-see among Sharjah attractions for all ages.

Engaging Exhibits for Car Enthusiasts

Beyond the cars, the museum offers interactive displays that engage visitors with the mechanical and historical facts about the exhibited models. These exhibits serve not only to educate but also to spark the imaginations of both young and old.

Exhibit Period Special Features
1920s Classics 1920-1929 Introduction of luxury car features
Post-War Models 1945-1959 Advancements in car design and aerodynamics
Modern Classics 1960-1979 Birth of muscle cars and increase in engine power

The Sharjah Classic Car Museum not only stands as a beacon for car lovers but also as a significant cultural and educational spot among the budget-friendly places to visit in Sharjah. This museum ensures that every visitor, regardless of age, leaves with a greater appreciation of automotive history and its cultural relevance.

10. Arabian Wildlife Center: Encounters with Desert Fauna

At the Arabian Wildlife Center, a jewel among family-friendly attractions Sharjah, guests of all ages can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the region’s desert fauna. This unique sanctuary, one of the premiere free things to do in Sharjah, offers educational and interactive wildlife experiences that highlight native species in thoughtful, engaging exhibits.

The center not only educates but captivates, as visitors are treated to up-close views of animals ranging from the stealthy Arabian leopard to the gracefully soaring falcons. These encounters help foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the creatures native to the Arabian Peninsula, positioning the Arabian Wildlife Center as a leader in wildlife conservation and education within a city landscape.

  • Experience direct encounters with diverse species in specially designed habitats.
  • Learn about the conservation efforts dedicated to protecting the region’s wildlife.
  • Enjoy a fun-filled and educational outing perfect for the entire family without any admission fees.


Sharjah’s rich cultural ethos and the plethora of outdoor activities make it an extraordinary destination for families seeking budget-friendly attractions. With a variety of places to visit in Sharjah for free with family, the city effortlessly blends educational and leisurely pursuits to cater to the curious minds and playful spirits of all ages. From the serene waterfronts to the enlightening museums and the vibrant wildlife centers, Sharjah stands as a testament to the United Arab Emirates’ commitment to accessible cultural richness and recreational diversity.

Exploring the budget-friendly attractions Sharjah has to offer, families can immerse in experiences that range from historical explorations at the Mleiha Archaeological Centre to the wondrous aquatic life at Sharjah Aquarium. The city harmonizes its traditional heritage and modern amenities, providing a day out that transcends monetary value and resonates with memorable learning and fun.

Conclusively, the city upholds its status as a beacon of cultural prominence within the UAE, generously opening its doors to captivating, cost-free adventures. This guide has illuminated the top spots for family entertainment and stimulation, reassuring that the places to visit in Sharjah for free with family are not only abundant but are also enclaves of educational and recreational excellence, perfect for a fulfilling family excursion.


Are there any free historical sites to explore in Sharjah with family?

Yes, families can explore historical sites for free such as the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization and Mleiha Archaeological Centre, both offering rich cultural experiences and educational insights into the region’s past.

Can we find outdoor activities in Sharjah for families that are free?

Absolutely! Outdoor activities such as scenic walks at Al Majaz Waterfront, exploring the lush landscapes at Al Montazah Parks, and the engaging educational adventures at Sharjah Science Museum provide plenty of free fun for families.

What are the best parks in Sharjah for a family day out?

Sharjah boasts several parks for families, including Al Majaz Waterfront, Al Noor Island, and Al Montazah Parks, all offering engaging attractions and tranquil spaces without any entry fees.

Are there any educational attractions for kids in Sharjah?

Yes, there are! The Sharjah Science Museum and Sharjah Aquarium are fantastic educational attractions for kids, and they offer free admission. They provide interactive displays and a glimpse into the scientific and aquatic worlds.

Where in Sharjah can we learn about Islamic culture and architecture?

For a deep dive into Islamic culture and architecture, visit the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization or Al Noor Mosque. Both venues are free of charge and provide cultural tours and exhibits showcasing Islamic heritage.

Is there a venue in Sharjah that combines learning about wildlife and spending time outdoors for free?

Certainly! The Arabian Wildlife Center is a perfect place for families to learn about local fauna and enjoy the outdoors. While it is located outdoors, it provides an educational and up-close experience with the wildlife of the Arabian Peninsula.

Can we witness cultural events at Sharjah’s attractions without any charges?

Yes, cultural events such as festivals, fireworks, and the Sharjah Musical Fountain shows at Al Majaz Waterfront can often be witnessed free of charge, providing entertainment for the whole family.

Are there any guided tours available in Sharjah’s landmarks for free?

Guided tours are offered at no cost at several landmarks in Sharjah, including cultural tours at Al Noor Mosque and interactive tours at the Mleiha Archaeological Centre that provide insight into the area’s history and culture.

Can we find budget-friendly attractions in Sharjah that appeal to all ages?

Yes, Sharjah offers a range of budget-friendly attractions appealing to all ages, from the historical discoveries at the Sharjah Classic Car Museum to the captivating marine life at Sharjah Aquarium.

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