Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi Mall | Dining Guide
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Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi Mall | Dining Guide

Abu Dhabi Mall shines as a top spot in the United Arab Emirates’ capital. It’s famous for its many great brands, especially in fashion and home decor. But it really stands out for its wide range of eating places, from laid-back places to elegant dining spots. Let’s dive into the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi Mall to learn more about the different kinds of food available.

If you want a big breakfast, a quick bite at lunch, or a special dinner, this mall has it all. You can enjoy Chinese, Mongolian, Italian, Turkish food, and more. There’s a lot to discover, from casual to upmarket eateries that fit any budget. So, come and check out the finest dining spots at Abu Dhabi Mall. You’ll be amazed by the variety of flavours that will please any taste.

Delightful Dining Experience at Abu Dhabi Mall

Dining Options at Abu Dhabi Mall

Abu Dhabi Mall has a lot of dining options for everyone. You can find anything from simple meals to fancy feasts. The food court has a mix of tasty dishes from all over the world. Or you can enjoy a great meal in a fine restaurant.

For a quick snack or a long meal, Abu Dhabi Mall has what you need. It offers a variety of foods, from traditional dishes to high-end cuisine. You’ll taste food from many cultures, like Middle Eastern and Asian.

In the mood for something light and informal? The mall’s cafés are a great choice. They have comfy seats, a calm vibe, and serve you with a smile. It’s a nice break from the mall’s busy energy.

If you love food, Abu Dhabi Mall is the place to be. There are so many dishes to try. You’ll surely find your new favourite meal spot in this lively mall.


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Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi Mall

1. Mongolian Restaurant: A Taste of China

mongolian restaurant abu dhabi mall

Deep in the heart of Abu Dhabi Mall is the Mongolian Restaurant. It takes its visitors on a flavoursome trip through the wonders of authentic Chinese cooking. This welcoming spot is all about sharing China’s food culture with anyone who walks in, blending true vibes with top-quality dishes.

The place is designed with a nod to Mongolian culture. It instantly makes you feel like you’re exploring the Far East. Even though it has a small part for seating, it’s perfect for a quiet, close-up look at its menu.

The restaurant’s menu mixes old favourites with new twists. It proves that Chinese food has endless possibilities. You can try everything, from steamy momos to crunchy kimchi salad, all made with real care. Every plate tells a story of staying true to the real flavours of China.

Feeling like having a meal that warms the soul? Their noodle soup and chicken wontons will do just that. Or, go for something bolder with the beef dumplings and mixed rice. They also serve dishes that burst with flavour like Tsinghai chicken and juicy roast duck, making every meal a memorable taste experience.

The Mongolian Restaurant stands out as a special find in Abu Dhabi Mall. It welcomes anyone looking for the real Chinese food experience. No matter if you’re after a light bite or a full meal, this spot promises to treat your taste buds to a journey they won’t forget. The rich food tradition of China awaits you in this friendly, relaxed setting.

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2. Paul Restaurant: Lavish Brunch Destination

paul restaurant abu dhabi mall

In the middle of Abu Dhabi Mall, you’ll find the famous Paul Restaurant. It’s known for its amazing brunch. Paul is one of the biggest names in breakfast and brunch. It gives diners a top-notch fine dining experience.

Their menu is full of tasty dishes for every taste. Try the delicious smoked eggplant avocado or the traditional eggs Benedict. You might enjoy the healthy acai peanut butter or the light and fluffy omelettes. They also have a meaty smoked turkey sandwich and a rich croissalmon avocado. Don’t miss out on their truffle cheesy rock or the refreshing avocado shrimp basket. And for those who love seafood, there’s a big appetiser platter for you.

Dish Description
Smoked Eggplant Avocado A flavourful combination of smoky eggplant and creamy avocado.
Eggs Benedict A classic brunch dish featuring poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.
Acai Peanut Butter A nutritious and indulgent blend of acai and peanut butter.
Omelettes Fluffy and customisable omelettes to suit every taste.
Smoked Turkey Sandwich A savoury and satisfying sandwich featuring smoked turkey.
Croissalmon Avocado A decadent combination of flaky croissant, smoked salmon, and creamy avocado.
Truffle Cheesy Rock A moreish and indulgent dish featuring truffles and melted cheese.
Avocado Shrimp Basket A refreshing dish featuring avocado and succulent shrimp.
Seafood Appetiser Platter A bountiful selection of delectable seafood items.

Looking for a great place for weekend brunch or a special fine dining treat? Head to Paul Restaurant in Abu Dhabi Mall. It promises not just great food but also excellent service and a warm atmosphere. It’s an experience that you won’t forget.


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3. Denny’s Diner Middle East

dennys diner abu dhabi mall

Located inside Abu Dhabi Mall, Denny’s Diner brings American diner vibes to the Middle East. This place is known for being halal-certified, to suit the varied local tastes. It’s a top spot for families looking for good food and a friendly atmosphere.

Their breakfasts are famous and available any time of day. You can tuck into classic American breakfasts like pancakes and omelettes. Don’t forget their French toast and waffles, which are all the rage. But, it’s not just about breakfast here. They serve up burgers, sandwiches, and milkshakes that bring a taste of the classic American diner vibe.

One thing that makes Denny’s special is its warm welcome. The place is casual and cosy, making it perfect for groups or a quick meal alone. It shows how much people love the American diner scene, right in the heart of Abu Dhabi Mall.

Menu Item Price (AED)
Grand Slam Breakfast 49.00
Classic Burger 39.00
Classic Milkshake 25.00
Chicken Tenders 35.00

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4. Il Forno Italiano: Authentic Italian Flavours

il forno italiano abu dhabi mall

In the bustling Abu Dhabi Mall, Il Forno Italiano shines as a top spot for genuine Italian food. This eatery takes you to the warm setting of a classic Italian pizzeria. There’s a twist—the menu is all in Italian. But don’t worry; the friendly team is ready to help you choose, making sure you enjoy every bite of authentic Italian cuisine.

At Il Forno Italiano, the menu is a feast of Italian favourites. Start with treats like mozzarella carozza and filetti di pollo. Then, savour fresh salads like the caprese. Yet, the real highlights are the fresh pastas and pizzas, all made by hand.

The ravioli is rich and creamy. The linguine pesto e pollo smells amazing. Each pasta plate shows off the kitchen’s skill with authentic Italian techniques. The pizzas are just as good, with classic and unique toppings to please everyone.

Looking for something lighter? Try the insalata di spinaci e quinoa or farfalle saffron. They’re perfect blends of taste and texture. Il Forno Italiano puts care and top-quality ingredients into each dish. It truly stands out as a top fine dining choice for Italian cuisine in Abu Dhabi Mall.

Fancy a real Italian pizza or a big bowl of pasta? Choose Il Forno Italiano for an experience that feels just like Italy. The place is welcoming, with amazing food. It’s a top pick for anyone wanting to experience il forno italiano in Abu Dhabi Mall.


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5. Bosporus: Taste of Turkish Delights

bosporus abu dhabi mall

In the heart of Abu Dhabi Mall, Bosporus shines bright. This restaurant brings true Turkish taste to its guests. It celebrates Turkish food and takes you to the lively streets of Türkiye.

The menu at Bosporus shows how diverse Turkish food can be. You can enjoy classic dishes like delicious soups and the famous shepherd’s salad. They also serve tulum peynir, a tasty Turkish cheese. Don’t miss the main courses like hummus with meat and flavourful kofte (meatballs).

Bosporus is about more than just food. The place is carefully designed with colourful details. It mirrors the welcoming feel of Türkiye. The staff is friendly and skilled, making every visit special.

Dish Description
Cheese Pide A traditional Turkish flatbread topped with a variety of cheeses, perfect for sharing.
Sucuk Pizza A unique fusion of Turkish and Italian cuisine, featuring the flavourful Turkish sausage, sucuk.
Kumpir with Toppings A baked potato dish with a variety of tantalising toppings, offering a satisfying and customisable dining experience.
Iskender Kebab A beloved Turkish dish featuring thinly sliced lamb or beef, served on a bed of pita bread and topped with a flavourful tomato sauce.

If you want to try real Turkish cuisine, go to Bosporus in Abu Dhabi Mall. It offers more than great food. The service is top-notch, and the atmosphere is charming. It’s a perfect place for a memorable meal of traditional Türkiye dishes.


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6. Zaatar w Zeit

zaatar w zeit abu dhabi mall

Zaatar w Zeit is found at Abu Dhabi Mall. It’s a cosy spot offering Lebanese and Mediterranean food. The place is known for its inviting smells and friendly setting. Customers love its menu which brings the taste of the Levant to life.

Zaatar w Zeit is a top spot for Middle Eastern food at Abu Dhabi Mall. It’s perfect for a charming night out or a meal with your loved ones. The decor and comfy seats add to the memorable experience.

The restaurant’s menu bursts with flavours. It blends classic Lebanese food with new takes, appealing to all tastes. Dishes range from their famous Zaatar to flavourful mezze, grilled meats, and sweet desserts. Each dish offers a taste journey through Lebanon’s food culture.

Dish Description Price
Fattoush Salad A fresh and flavourful mix of crisp lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and toasted pita bread, dressed in a tangy lemon and sumac vinaigrette. AED 35
Beef Shawarma Tender slices of marinated beef, stacked and slowly roasted, served with hummus, pickles, and freshly baked Arabic bread. AED 45
Baklava A delightful pastry layered with flaky phyllo dough, chopped nuts, and sweetened with a fragrant syrup. AED 18

For a relaxed lunch or a special dinner, Zaatar w Zeit is a great choice. It honours the lively tastes and warm welcome of Lebanon. Its location in Abu Dhabi Mall makes it easy to reach, offering a true Levantine experience in the capital of the UAE.

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7. Wagamama

wagamama abu dhabi mall

In the heart of Abu Dhabi Mall, Wagamama shines as a top spot for real Asian food. It’s known for its cool but modern feel, drawing many families. Here, everyone can enjoy good food and good times together.

Wagamama’s menu takes you on a trip across Asia with dishes like noodles, curries, and grills. You can pick from comforting ramen to spicy Thai curry. This place has something for all tastes.

Wagamama stands out with its warm welcome for families. The simple, clean design and kids’ menu show they really care. Young guests get their own delicious and good-for-you options.

Menu Item Description Price
Chicken Katsu Curry Breaded chicken breast served with Japanese-style curry sauce, sticky rice, and pickled vegetables AED 62
Yasai Itame Stir-fried vegetables in a spicy Yaki soba sauce, served with rice noodles AED 55
Chilli Squid Crispy fried squid tossed in a spicy chili sauce, served with a lime wedge AED 48

Feel like a quick bite, a leisurely meal with your loved ones, or just hanging out with friends? Wagamama in Abu Dhabi Mall fits perfectly. It’s quality, service, and friendly vibe will make any visit special.


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8. Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que

famous daves abu dhabi mall

At the bustling Abu Dhabi Mall, Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que shines as a top spot for real barbecue lovers. It’s halal-certified and known for its tasty grill dishes like juicy ribs and wings. These offerings match what the locals love.

The setting at Famous Dave’s is just right for those after a fun, chill place to eat with loved ones. The inside feels warm and welcoming, thanks to its cosy design and the friendly staff. You’ll feel like you’re among friends here.

Craving big flavours? Famous Dave’s at Famous Dave’s Abu Dhabi Mall has you covered with hearty ribs and more. Everything is made using top-notch, halal ingredients, so you can dig into your barbecue treats without worry.

Looking for a relaxed spot to enjoy smoky, rich barbecue? Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que at Abu Dhabi Mall should be on your list. Its vibrant vibe, amazing food, and focus on excellence will make your visit memorable. Your taste buds are in for a treat!

Menu Item Price
Rack of Ribs AED 119
Half Slab of Ribs AED 89
BBQ Wings (6 pcs) AED 49
BBQ Nachos AED 59
Corn Bread AED 15


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9. P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s, found in the centre of Abu Dhabi Mall, shines with its Asian food delights. This eatery mixes traditional Chinese meals with American favourites in a unique way. It suits everyone, from families to those looking for a fun night out.

The place is all about cosy and chill vibes, perfect for an adventure in Asian food. P.F. Chang’s mixes modern styles with a welcoming layout. This makes everyone feel at home, ready to enjoy their special dishes.

The food menu combines the best of East and West. You can choose from Chinese classics like Mongolian Beef and Kung Pao Chicken, cooked with a US twist. There are also special dishes that show off the chef’s imaginative skills, making every meal special.

There’s something for every hunger at P.F. Chang’s. Their menu is full of choices that suit different diets, making it great for groups or solo eaters. No one leaves hungry or disappointed.

P.F. Chang’s stands out for its top-notch, fresh food. They pick the best ingredients so every meal is made with care and detail. This is clear in the taste and quality of every dish they serve.

For a laid-back dining spot with amazing Asian food, P.F. Chang’s at Abu Dhabi Mall is a top pick. It welcomes everyone with its comfy vibe, broad menu, and focus on fine ingredients. A visit here is bound to be memorable.


Contact: +97126120838


10. McDonald’s

At Abu Dhabi Mall, one dining option shines globally, it’s McDonald’s. Known for its affordable and family-friendly meals, it’s ideal for quick, satisfying bites while shopping.

The McDonald’s branch at the mall is in a prime spot. It serves everyone, from tourists to locals, offering value meals. You’ll find famous burgers, fries, and milkshakes that appeal to both adults and kids.

Choosing McDonald’s lets you eat well without spending loads. It’s a top pick for anyone watching their budget but wanting a taste of delicious fast-food.

Plus, it’s a great place to eat for families. The Abu Dhabi Mall McDonald’s is welcoming, whether you’re on the go or sitting down with loved ones.

In summary, McDonald’s is a dependable choice at Abu Dhabi Mall. It’s well-loved for its affordable eats, varied menu, and pleasing atmosphere, providing a great dining spot for folks of all kinds.


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The Abu Dhabi Mall has a rich collection of restaurants in Abu Dhabi. They serve a variety of cuisines. You can enjoy Mongolian dishes or indulge in a fancy brunch at Paul Restaurant. It caters to all tastes. So, whether you want a laid-back dinner or a posh meal out, this mall has it all.

The Food Court and Cafes in Abu Dhabi Mall have you covered for a quick bite or a leisurely meal. Their food fair offers a range of restaurants in Abu Dhabi Mall for guests to delight in. You can go for the exotic flavours of Bosporus or enjoy homey food at Denny’s Diner Middle East. The top restaurants in Abu Dhabi Mall will meet your every food whim.

In search of an affordable spot or a place fit for an event? Abu Dhabi Mall has many options. It’s a great place to find what suits your mood. Come and explore the yummy choices that make this mall a top pick for dining.


Are there any halal-certified restaurants in Abu Dhabi Mall?

Yes, you’ll find halal-certified options at Abu Dhabi Mall, like Denny’s Diner and Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que. They serve meals that meet halal standards for the local community.

Is there a food court available in Abu Dhabi Mall?

Indeed, Abu Dhabi Mall features a lively food court with a mix of global and local flavours. You can enjoy fast food and affordable dining here with the family.

Are there any fine dining or romantic dining options in Abu Dhabi Mall?

For special occasions, Abu Dhabi Mall offers fine options like Paul’s lavish brunch and Zaatar w Zeit for an intimate Lebanese or Mediterranean meal.

What types of cuisine are available in Abu Dhabi Mall?

You will find a variety of cuisines at Abu Dhabi Mall, from Chinese and Italian to Turkish and American. It’s a food lover’s paradise.

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