Top 10 Restaurants in City Walk, Dubai for Fine Dining
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Top 10 Restaurants in City Walk, Dubai for Fine Dining

City Walk Dubai is a major spot in the city. It’s perfect for living, studying, and having fun. But dining here stands out the most. You’ll find a wide range of the top 10 restaurants in City Walk, each serving up unique dishes.

These places offer dishes from all over the world. So, if you love exploring new flavours, this is your go-to. Dining here is like taking a taste trip across vibrant cultures.

Top 10 Restaurants in City Walk

1. Allo Beirut – City Walk

lebanese restaurants city walk

Allo Beirut is a top Lebanese restaurant on the City Walk. It offers fantastic Lebanese street food and a range of authentic Lebanese cuisine. You can taste a wide selection of Middle Eastern restaurants on the City Walk, all prepared with care.

This restaurant makes eating an adventure. Imagine enjoying the best city walk Lebanese restaurants have had since the city was bustling. Open 24 hours, they have favourites like rotisserie chicken, shish tawook, tabbouleh, falafel sandwiches, and shawarma.

Dish Description
Rotisserie Chicken Succulent, flavourful roasted chicken
Shish Tawook Grilled chicken skewers marinated in a blend of spices
Tabbouleh A refreshing Lebanese salad made with parsley, bulgur, tomatoes, and lemon
Falafel Sandwiches Crispy falafel balls served in pita bread with fresh vegetables
Shawarma Slow-roasted, thinly sliced meat wrapped in flatbread


Contact: 80086234788

2. Beit El Kell

arabian restaurants city walk

Beit El Kell is an Arabian restaurant in City Walk that captures the spirit of the Middle East in Dubai. The cozy setting ensures a relaxing meal. It’s known for serving a wide range of traditional Arabian dishes. These include cheese platters, omelettes, and lentil soup.

Its menu honours the deep culinary traditions of the Middle East. Each dish reflects the area’s long culinary history. So, from a hearty meal to a sweet treat, Beit El Kell takes you on a journey through its food.

This place is perfect for either a small get-together or a quiet dinner. The service and ambience make each visit special. For a true taste of Arabian cuisine in City Walk, Beit El Kell is a top choice.

3. Massimo’s Italian Restaurant City Walk

Massimo's Italian Restaurant City Walk

In the heart of City Walk stands Massimo’s Italian Restaurant, well-known for its true-to-taste Italian cuisine. What’s your fancy? A lovely breakfast, a relaxing lunch, or a top-notch fine dining event? At Massimo’s, you’ll find the perfect dish. They make their pasta, sauces, and bread from scratch. It’s their way of bringing a real bit of Italy to every plate.

The spot’s menu is packed with favorites from Italian specialties. Think delicious focaccia, ravioli, gnocchi, linguine, cotoletta Milanese, and amazing pizza. Every bite feels like you’re right in the heart of the Italian peninsula. You can taste the passion in their sauces, perfectly cooked pasta, and the finest ingredients.

From laid-back family meals to big celebrations, Massimo’s at City Walk is perfect for all times. It offers a unique Italian culinary experience with a warm atmosphere where quality is key. That’s why it’s a favourite spot for those in the know at City Walk.


Contact: 042836577

4. Saya Café

international restaurants city walk

Saya Café is an all-day dining spot in City Walk. It offers top-quality breakfasts and tasty dinners. You can pick from a range of options like fresh salads, wood grills, and barista bars. Plus, there’s live cooking and fresh seafood made right in front of you. It’s a favourite for those who love great food and experiences in City Walk.


Contact: 0505418373

5. Cocoa Kitchen

Cocoa Kitchen desserts

Cocoa Kitchen is a chocolate-lovers paradise on City Walk. It’s known for its wide variety of chocolate-based desserts and sweet treats. The restaurant serves exceptional chocolate, making it a top spot for people with a sweet tooth.

It offers everything from rich chocolate cakes to creamy mousse. You can also find unique chocolatiers who craft special sweet treats. Whether you want a classic brownie or a new, creative chocolate dish, Cocoa Kitchen has something for you.

The place has a cosy feel, perfect for an indulgent afternoon or evening. Here, you can enjoy the best sweet spots in the city, from desserts to drinks. Cocoa Kitchen is indeed a top spot for dessert lovers.

Top Desserts at Cocoa Kitchen Description
Chocolate Lava Cake A decadent molten chocolate cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Cocoa Signature Mousse A rich and creamy chocolate mousse topped with a dusting of cocoa powder.
Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries Fresh strawberries coated in premium chocolate for a delightful contrast of flavours.
Cocoa Tiramisu A twist on the classic Italian dessert, featuring layers of coffee-soaked sponge cake and cocoa-infused mascarpone.

Contact: 043432506

6. Pepe’s Piri Piri

international cuisine city walk

Pepe’s Piri Piri at City Walk is known for its tasty flame-grilled chicken and international cuisine. They are famous for their fresh and flavourful piri piri chicken. This offers a quick and casual dining option at City Walk.

Their menu includes a variety of chicken dishes, burgers, and sides. This makes it a top pick for family-friendly restaurants in City Walk’s international restaurants area.

Pepe’s Piri Piri also features their signature piri piri chicken. This chicken is marinated in spices and grilled perfectly. The casual dining vibe and wide menu make it perfect for a quick bites stop in the lively City Walk.


Contact: 048357239

7. Melenzane

italian restaurants city walk

Melenzane is a standout Italian restaurant in City Walk. It offers an amazing fine dining vibe. Its dishes bring Italy to your plate with authentic, top-notch Italian cuisine.

The menu is filled with homemade pasta and wood-fired pizzas. These specialties take you straight to Italy. Combine this with the elegant decor and top-notch service, and it’s perfect for romantic dinners.

It’s found in the lively City Walk area, making Melenzane a hotspot for upscale Italian cuisine in Dubai. Every dish, from the al dente pasta to the crispy pizzas, shows a dedication to quality and tradition.

Dining options range from beloved classics to unique dishes crafted by the talented Melenzane team.

Looking for a memorable meal or a romantic Italian night out? Melenzane at City Walk is ideal. Its chic atmosphere and outstanding service offer an experience unlike any other.

For those who love Italian food, Melenzane is a must-visit place in Dubai. It promises an unforgettable, authentic Italian dining adventure.


Contact: 042522226

8. Miyabi Sushi

sushi city walk

Miyabi Sushi sits in the middle of City Walk, pulling you into a world of exquisite flavours since 2012. It’s a place where you find a range of sushi, sashimi, and more. Everything is made with top-notch ingredients and a lot of care. This spot is perfect for both sushi lovers and those curious about Japanese food.

Their commitment to real Japanese taste reflects in the diverse menu. You’ll get to try various sushi city walk, from common rolls to unique creations. The food is a blend of tradition and creativity, giving you a true taste of Japan.

But Miyabi Sushi isn’t just about sushi. Their menu is filled with authentic Japanese cuisine and City Walks, like grilled dishes and noodles. Each meal is made by experts who focus on using the best ingredients. So, every bite takes you straight to the lively food scene of Tokyo.

Are you into sushi or eager to dive into Asian food city walk? Miyabi Sushi is the place for an amazing food adventure. The restaurant dazzles with its beautiful setting, top-class service, and outstanding dishes.


Contact: 043868444

9. Arabeska

international restaurants city walk

Arabeska is a modern international restaurant in City Walk. It’s a place where food lovers can enjoy tastes from around the world. The menu is a mix of traditional dishes and new fusion cuisine. This makes each meal special and unforgettable.

The restaurant’s setting is stylish and the staff are always ready to help. These parts help make Arabeska one of the best places for upscale dining in City Walk. It truly shines among the area’s global cuisine choices.

Cuisine Type Dining Atmosphere Standout Dishes
Fusion Elegant, Modern Signature Arabeska Platter, Saffron Risotto, Baklava Cheesecake

If you love trying food from different parts of the world, Arabeska is perfect for you. It’s located in City Walk and offers a mix of traditional and new tastes. The team at Arabeska makes sure your meal is more than just food. They create an experience you won’t forget.


Contact: 048861044

10. SAID DAL 1923

In City Walk, SAID DAL 1923 is a top spot for chocolate fans. They serve many decadent chocolate-based desserts, pastries, and drinks. This eatery has a rich history, starting in 1923. It’s known for its tasty dairy treats, mixing old memories with today’s delights. At SAID DAL 1923, guests can enjoy a range of chocolate-centric creations in a warm, welcoming setting.

Among the international restaurants at City Walk, SAID DAL 1923 shines. It’s famous for being a top chocolatier and dessert spot. The place is perfect for anyone loving exquisite city walk dining and fantastic chocolate cafes. For those who adore anything chocolate, this restaurant offers a special treat.

Signature Desserts Specialty Beverages
Chocolate Mousse Cake Chilled Chocolate Milk
Hazelnut Praline Tart Iced Chocolate Latte
Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries Spiced Hot Chocolate
Tiramisu with Dark Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino


Contact: 043866644


Dubai’s City Walk is now a top spot for food lovers. It offers a mix of restaurants from around the world. You can enjoy Lebanese and Italian food, to Japanese meals and unique fusions at the restaurants in City Walk. This gives you a great chance to try Dubai’s restaurant foods.

Here, you can find everything you want to eat. Whether it’s a fancy dinner, a simple meal, or just something sweet, City Walk dining has it. The places are beautiful, the service is great, and the food is amazing. That’s why City Walk is seen as one of the best eateries and top restaurants in Dubai. It’s a top pick for food lovers.

City Walk is full of life and many choices to eat. It’s a key place for those looking for an amazing meal in Dubai. From Lebanese dishes to fine Italian food, the restaurants in City Walk offer a wide taste experience. This makes city walk a special place for fine dining and exploring food.


What type of cuisine can I find at the restaurants in City Walk, Dubai?

City Walk’s restaurants offer something for everyone with various cuisines. Expect Lebanese and Arabian classics, both traditional and modern Italian food. Japanese meals can be found at Miyabi Sushi, while there are modern fusion and rich chocolate desserts too.

Are there any fine dining options in City Walk, Dubai?

City Walk boasts fine dining spots like Melenzane. Here, you’ll find top-notch Italian food, including homemade pasta and pizzas. For a modern twist on global dishes, check out Arabeska. It offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Are there any casual or family-friendly dining options in City Walk?

Yes, City Walk has plenty of casual and family-friendly eateries. Try Pepe’s Piri Piri for its laid-back atmosphere and international meals. Families will enjoy Saya Café, known for its wide range of dishes to suit everyone.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan-friendly restaurants in City Walk?

Although not exclusively vegetarian or vegan, many places in City Walk have plant-based options. For example, Saya Café offers salads and vegetarian dishes. This caters to those with special dietary needs.

Are there any restaurants in City Walk that specialise in desserts or chocolate?

Yes, several places in City Walk are heaven for those who love sweets. Cocoa Kitchen stands out, with its varied chocolate desserts. SAID DAL 1923 is famous for its rich chocolate creations and drinks.

Is there a good selection of restaurants for romantic dining in City Walk?

Indeed, City Walk has romantic spots like Melenzane, known for its elegant Italian food. It’s ideal for special evenings. Arabeska also offers a beautiful setting and unique fusion dishes, perfect for a romantic meal.

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