Best Restaurants in Fujairah | Top 10 Dining Guide
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Best Restaurants in Fujairah | Top 10 Dining Guide

Discover Fujairah’s vibrant food scene, a gem on the UAE’s east coast. This guide highlights the top 10 restaurants for unforgettable meals by the Fujairah coast. You’ll find everything from traditional Emirati dishes to global tastes.

If you’re after traditional Emirati food or a taste of the world, Fujairah has it all. The best spots combine local heritage with new culinary ideas and beautiful views. Get ready for a dining adventure that will amaze you with its flavours, setting, and top-notch service.

Best Restaurants in Fujairah

1. Al Meshwar Restaurant

Al Meshwar Restaurant

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In Fujairah’s heart, Al Meshwar Restaurant shines as a top spot for Emirati cuisine. It brings to life the UAE’s rich food culture. Here, diners can enjoy dishes that have been loved for generations.

The menu at Al Meshwar Restaurant is all about traditional UAE food. You’ll find dishes like machboos, a rice dish full of spices and slow-cooked meats. Or try the harees, a tasty porridge made with wheat and meat. Don’t forget the luqaimat, small doughnuts sweetened with date syrup.

The restaurant’s setting is just as impressive as its food, with views of the Fujairah corniche. You can dine outside on the terrace, enjoying the calm, or inside where the décor and service are warm and welcoming.

If you’re a local or just visiting, Al Meshwar Restaurant is a place you must visit in Fujairah. It’s a chance to taste the best of Emirati cuisine. Come and explore the rich food culture of this beautiful region.

Contact: +97192231113


2. Noor Taj Mahal Restaurant Fujairah

Noor Taj Mahal Restaurant Fujairah

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The Noor Taj Mahal Restaurant in Fujairah offers a unique taste of Indian cuisine. It has a wide menu of North Indian dishes. The place is known for its elegant decor and great service, making you feel like you’re in India.

In the heart of Fujairah, the Noor Taj Mahal Restaurant is a top spot for Indian food in Fujairah. You can enjoy a variety of classic North Indian dishes. From aromatic curries to tandoor-grilled items, biryani, and traditional sweets.

The restaurant’s decor is inspired by the famous Taj Mahal. It has beautiful architecture and luxurious furniture. This makes the place feel royal and takes you to the heart of India.

The Noor Taj Mahal Restaurant is known for its quality and care in every dish. Skilled chefs use fresh ingredients and traditional ways to cook. The staff is very attentive, making sure you have a great time.

If you want a great Indian meal in Fujairah or a special dining spot, go to the Noor Taj Mahal Restaurant. It’s known for its amazing food, beautiful setting, and top-notch service. It’s one of the best Indian restaurants in Fujairah.

Contact: +97192225448


3. MADO Restaurant

MADO Restaurant

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MADO Restaurant is a gem along Fujairah’s coast, offering a unique dining experience. It boasts stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. This Mediterranean-inspired spot invites guests on a flavourful journey through the region.

The menu at MADO focuses on the best of Mediterranean cuisine. You’ll find fresh seafood and tasty pasta dishes. Each dish is made with care, using top-quality ingredients. The chefs mix traditional and new cooking styles, making the food both beautiful and full of flavour.

MADO Restaurant is all about sustainability. It uses local and regional produce, making each meal delicious and eco-friendly. This shows the restaurant’s commitment to giving guests a top-notch experience that cares for the planet.

At MADO, you can enjoy a seafood platter, a tasty pasta, or a Mediterranean cocktail. The view of Fujairah’s coast makes it feel like you’re in the Mediterranean. It’s why many consider it a top spot for mediterranean cuisine fujairah and best mediterranean food fujairah.


Contact: +97192442168


4. Zebian Restaurant

Zebian Restaurant

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In the heart of Fujairah, the Zebian Restaurant brings you authentic Lebanese flavours. It’s known for its friendly vibe and delicious food. This place is a top choice for those looking for the best lebanese food fujairah.

Walking into Zebian Restaurant, you’ll feel the welcoming atmosphere. The smell of grilled meats and sizzling kebabs fills the air. The menu offers a wide range of traditional Lebanese dishes, all made with great care.

The zebian restaurant in Fujairah is famous for its view of the Arabian Gulf. You can enjoy your meal while looking at the beautiful sea. It’s perfect for a big meal or a chill evening out.

Right when you enter, you’ll feel the spirit of Lebanon. The friendly staff and warm atmosphere make every visit special. Zebian Restaurant is known as one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Fujairah.


Contact: +97196062324


5. Emirates Sea Restaurant

Emirates Sea Restaurant

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The Emirates Sea Restaurant sits by Fujairah’s beautiful corniche. It’s a top spot for seafood lovers. They serve the freshest catches, offering a mix of local and international seafood dishes.

The view of the Arabian Gulf makes dining here unforgettable. Guests enjoy the stunning sea while tasting the restaurant’s delicious food. It’s a perfect mix of great food and amazing views.

The Emirates Sea Restaurant has a wide menu for all tastes. They offer local catches and international dishes. Every visit is a new food adventure.

Looking for a grilled catch or a seafood platter? The Emirates Sea Restaurant will impress you. Chefs prepare each dish with care, making sure the seafood’s natural taste stands out.

If you love seafood, don’t miss the Emirates Sea Restaurant. It’s known for its quality, beautiful location, and tasty menu. Both locals and tourists love it.


Contact: +97192222785


6. Sadaf Restaurant

Sadaf Restaurant

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In the heart of Fujairah, Sadaf Restaurant blends Emirati and Persian flavours. It’s a top persian restaurant in Fujairah. Here, every bite brings the Middle East’s aromatic spices to life.

The menu features grilled meats, fragrant rice, and tasty meze. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, celebrating the region’s cultural diversity. Craving persian food in Fujairah or traditional Emirati dishes? Sadaf Restaurant will take you on a culinary journey you won’t forget.

Sadaf Restaurant is known for its fresh, top-quality ingredients. Chefs craft each dish with care, ensuring perfect flavours and textures. You’ll love the fluffy saffron rice and juicy kebabs, showing the restaurant’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

The restaurant also offers a friendly atmosphere. With warm lighting, elegant décor, and great service, it’s perfect for any celebration or a special meal. For those looking for the best persian restaurant in Fujairah, Sadaf is the place to be.

For a taste of the region’s rich culture, visit Sadaf Restaurant. Enjoy the flavours that have made it a favourite among locals and visitors.

Contact: +97192233400


7. Al Mallah Restaurant

Al Mallah Restaurant

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In the heart of Fujairah, Al Mallah Restaurant is a top spot for those who love Levantine food. It takes you on a tasty trip through the Levant’s rich culinary culture. Every dish is a blend of flavours that tell stories.

The kitchen at Al Mallah Restaurant focuses on quality and freshness. They use the best local ingredients to make sure each dish is full of Levantine flavour. From the warm flatbreads to the fragrant mezze, every dish celebrates the region’s food traditions.

Al Mallah Restaurant is known for its friendly and laid-back vibe. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a meal in a setting that feels like the Levant, right here in Fujairah.

If you’re after the taste of shawarma, falafel, or creamy hummus, Al Mallah Restaurant is your go-to spot. It’s a gateway to the rich and tasty world of Levantine cuisine in Fujairah.

This place is all about real flavours and taking you straight to the heart of the Levant. That’s why Al Mallah Restaurant is seen as one of the best Levantine restaurants in Fujairah. It’s a must-visit for anyone who loves food and wants to make lasting memories.

Contact: +97192222249


8. Mara Lounge Restaurant

Mara Lounge Restaurant

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In the heart of Fujairah, Mara Lounge Restaurant offers a unique culinary journey. It blends international flavours with the rich tastes of Emirati culture. This modern spot, with views of the Fujairah coastline, is a top choice for those wanting a special dining experience.

The menu features creative cocktails, innovative tapas, and imaginative main dishes. These cater to a wide range of tastes. The culinary team has mixed global cuisines to highlight the best of Fujairah’s fusion food.

Mara Lounge Restaurant is known for its stunning location and innovative menu. It’s also praised for its excellent service. This best fusion restaurant in Fujairah is perfect for a romantic night, a fun evening with friends, or a memorable meal. It will surely impress you with its fusion cuisine Fujairah.


Contact: +97143476007


9. Al Matbakh Al Kuwaiti

Al Matbakh Al Kuwaiti

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In the heart of Fujairah, Al Matbakh Al Kuwaiti takes you on a journey through Kuwait’s rich food culture. This famous spot is all about authentic Kuwaiti dishes. It invites you to taste the vibrant flavours and warm welcome of the region.

The restaurant keeps traditional recipes alive, passed down through generations. You’ll find dishes like machboos, a fragrant rice dish, and tepsi, a tasty meat and vegetable dish. Each dish is a perfect mix of flavours and skill.

But it’s not just about the food. The place is decorated with traditional Kuwaiti items, making you feel like you’re in Kuwait. The staff love to tell you about the dishes, adding to the warm atmosphere.

If you love Kuwaiti food or just want to try something new, Al Matbakh Al Kuwaiti is a top spot in Fujairah. Enjoy Kuwait’s unique tastes, like the saloona stew, and dive into the rich culture of this amazing place.

For the best kuwaiti food fujairah or best kuwaiti restaurant fujairah, Al Matbakh Al Kuwaiti is a top choice. It offers a real taste of Kuwaiti hospitality and top-notch food.

Contact: +97192222717


10. Al Bake

Al Bake

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Al Bake sits along Fujairah’s scenic corniche, a top spot for a great café visit. It’s known for its fresh pastries, aromatic breads, and specialty coffee. Plus, it offers stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

Walking into Al Bake, you’re hit with the smell of fresh bread and the sound of people chatting. The café has a modern look with sleek furniture and lots of natural light. It’s ideal for a relaxing breakfast or a treat in the afternoon.

Al Bake is famous for its artisanal breads and pastries. They use top-quality ingredients and bake with great care. You’ll find everything from flaky croissants to rich cakes, showing their dedication to quality.

Their specialty coffee is also a highlight. Whether you like a strong espresso, a creamy cappuccino, or a light pour-over, the baristas make sure your coffee is perfect.

Al Bake isn’t just about food; it’s also a peaceful place to relax. The view of Fujairah’s corniche and the Arabian Gulf makes it a great spot for any event.

Looking for a relaxing breakfast, a mid-day coffee, or an afternoon treat? Al Bake in Fujairah is the best bakery and artisanal café for a memorable dining experience.

Contact: +97192237379



Fujairah’s food scene is full of variety, from traditional Emirati dishes to new fusion tastes. You can find everything from casual cafes to fancy restaurants. This guide has shown you the top 10 places to eat in Fujairah.

Start your food journey at Al Meshwar Restaurant for a taste of tradition. Or, try Noor Taj Mahal Restaurant Fujairah for luxury. You’ll also love MADO Restaurant for its modern Mediterranean dishes.

For a real taste of Levantine cuisine, go to Zebian Restaurant. Or, enjoy fresh seafood at Emirates Sea Restaurant. Sadaf Restaurant, Al Mallah Restaurant, and Al Matbakh Al Kuwaiti offer Emirati hospitality with classic recipes.

For something new, check out Mara Lounge Restaurant for fusion dishes. Or, visit Al Bake for a taste of home. This guide makes sure you’ll find the best spot for your taste buds in Fujairah’s lively food scene.


What is the best way to explore the culinary scene in Fujairah?

This guide highlights the top 10 restaurants in Fujairah. It offers a mix of cuisines, from traditional Emirati to innovative fusion dishes.

Which restaurant is renowned for its authentic Emirati cuisine?

Al Meshwar Restaurant is famous for its true Emirati food. It serves dishes like machboos and luqaimat in a stylish yet casual spot with great views.

Where can I find exquisite Indian cuisine in Fujairah?

Noor Taj Mahal Restaurant in Fujairah gives a top-notch dining experience. It has a wide menu of North Indian dishes in a luxurious setting.

Which restaurant offers a stunning panoramic view of the Fujairah coastline?

MADO Restaurant has an amazing view of the Fujairah coast. It serves Mediterranean-inspired food, including fresh seafood and pasta.

Where can I enjoy the warm hospitality and vibrant flavours of Lebanese cuisine in Fujairah?

Zebian Restaurant in Fujairah is known for its Lebanese hospitality and flavours. It offers a variety of meze, grilled meats, and traditional dishes in a stylish place with great views.

Where can I find the best seafood in Fujairah?

Emirates Sea Restaurant on the Fujairah corniche is a top spot for seafood. It has a wide range of fresh seafood dishes in a beautiful seaside setting.

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