Best La Mer Restaurants Dubai | Top 9 Spots
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Best La Mer Restaurants Dubai | Top 9 Spots

La Mer is known for its beautiful beach and spots perfect for Instagram photos. It’s a paradise for food lovers with over 130 restaurants. These cater to many tastes. It’s located in the exclusive Jumeirah area. Here, you can do lots of things and see some great sights. These go beyond just having delicious meals or enjoying breakfast.

This article will tell you about the top 9 places to eat at La Mer. These places offer great food, amazing views of the sea, and an experience you’ll never forget. You’ll find everything from the best places for seafood to dining in luxury right by the sea.

Are you after a restaurant right by the ocean with stunning views? Or maybe just a laid-back place to eat by the sea. Whatever you fancy, La Mer in Dubai has it covered. So, get set for an amazing food adventure through La Mer. You’ll enjoy the finest seafood and luxury dining. All while taking in the beautiful seaside views.

Best La Mer Restaurants Dubai

1. Zou Zou Restaurant: Lebanese and Turkish Flavours

In Dubai’s lively La Mer area, Zou Zou Restaurant mixes Lebanese charm with Turkish tastes. Visiting after 10 pm on a weekend, the place was full of diners. This made it a top spot in Jumeirah.

Their menu is full of delights such as Lentil Soup and Hummus, showing their use of fine quality ingredients. You’ll love the hearty options too, like Lokma Kebab and Salmon Grill. Everyone appreciated the fresh, tasty food, from salads to mini Manakeesh.

Their fizzy strawberry drink and virgin pina colada were perfect for drinking. Even with lots of people, service was top-notch. The stunning way they present their dishes makes Zou Zou even more appealing.

People loved the diverse menu with items like Turkish & Lebanese food and baklava, showing variety. Ahmed and Ibrahim were often praised for their service. Zou Zou’s beach location, cleanliness, and seating choices create a perfect meal scene.

The restaurant is great for families and groups, with special parties and vegetarian dishes. Anyone near La Mer must try Zou Zou for amazing food, service, and a true Lebanese restaurant experience with Turkish food.

Contact: 042211900


2. The Daily La Mer

Best seafood dining

The Daily La Mer is considered one of the top places to have seafood at La Mer beach. It offers a great range of fresh seafood and dishes influenced by the coast. With a beautiful view of the ocean, this spot is perfect for a special dining experience.

When you step inside, you’ll find a calm and elegant setting. It reflects the chic and laid-back vibe of many restaurants at La Mer beach. The menu is full of delicious seafood meals. Each dish is carefully prepared to make the most of the fresh ingredients. For those who love seafood, it’s a remarkable place to eat.

This spot is known for its amazing food, presented beautifully. It stands out among the La Mer Dubai restaurants. Being right by the water, The Daily La Mer isn’t just about fantastic meals. It’s also a chance to enjoy dining with lovely ocean views. Here, you can have a memorable meal combining stunning sights with a relaxed vibe.


Contact: 045619999


3. SLAB: Creative and Contemporary Cuisine

contemporary cuisine

SLAB at La Mer stands out with its creative and contemporary food. It’s a top choice for those who love to eat. Their menu changes with the seasons, always bringing something new and special to customers.

Fadi Al-Said leads SLAB with a vision that’s won them fame. They are known for their unique cooking styles and delicious meals. The care for quality is clear, whether you choose their chef’s specials or enjoy fresh seafood.

SLAB welcomes everyone, from meat lovers to vegetarians. Their menu has something for all tastes. And their seafood dishes are ranked among La Mer’s best.

SLAB is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm every day. It’s a great place for a new and exciting meal. Their mix of modern food, changing seasonal dishes, and skilled chef creations set them apart in La Mer.

Contact: 045481477


4. Masti – Cocktails & Cuisine

Masti Cocktails & Cuisine

Masti – Cocktails & Cuisine is found in The Dubai EDITION. It’s getting known for its creative Indian food. Chef Hari Nayak leads with new and bold ideas, making it a top spot in Downtown Dubai.

The Masti menu mixes traditional Indian flavours with a modern twist. They have added 60 percent new dishes. Try the Watermelon Bhakari for AED 80 or the Chicken Tikka Masala Waffle for AED 95. Discover the exciting Octopus Recheado at AED 105 or the luxurious Angus Beef Cheek Vindaloo at AED 280.

Besides amazing food, Masti offers a full dining experience. It spans 8,000 square feet with a bar, lounge, and dining area. There’s also a Gin Room with a great selection. The stunning design makes you feel in India, enhancing the dining pleasure.

With space for 200 guests, Masti welcomes everyone warmly. There’s a terrace with beautiful beach views. Don’t miss the Elephant Bath Brunch from 1 pm to 5 pm. It has 20 dishes and nine vegetarian options. Prices are good, starting at AED 215 plus discounts on drinks.

Masti – Cocktails & Cuisine is an esteemed winner of the FACT Award. It raises the bar for Indian dining, keeping Dubai’s food lovers happy. This makes it a must-visit for those in search of great food and drinks.


Contact: 80062784


5. 45 Cafe

dining by the sea

45 Cafe is the ultimate place for a mix of fine dining and beautiful views. It offers elegant decor and delicious food, making it a top choice in La Mer.

The place by the sea makes dining charming. They prepare each meal carefully, using only the best ingredients. Every bite shows their dedication to both quality and new tastes. The view of the ocean makes any meal special, whether you’re on a date or out with friends.

They have dishes to suit everyone’s taste, blending the old with the new. The cafe is all about giving its guests an amazing dining experience. It’s more than just eating out, it’s a journey of flavours and atmosphere.

In the heart of La Mer, this cafe is a beacon for those craving an incredible dining experience by the sea. It’s a spot you can’t miss if you love good food and great views.

Contact: 0585250045


6. Kavo Restaurant

Mediterranean cuisine

Kavo Restaurant is a gem at La Mer restaurants. It’s famous for a chic eating area and a menu full of chef’s specialties. People love it for the genuine feel of Mediterranean cuisine it offers. It’s right by the La Mer beachfront. Customers enjoy the ocean sounds, making their meal special.

Kavo is more than just a pretty place. It has a range of meals, including a hit Iftar Buffet for Ramadan. This buffet costs AED 99 for grown-ups and AED 49 for kids under 12. Little ones under 6 eat for free. You need to book 24 hours early to grab a table as it’s often full.

In Jumeirah, Dubai, you’ll find Kavo Restaurant & Cafe La Mer at 35 2 A St. By April 1, 2022, it had 166 visits. This shows it’s becoming a hot spot for those who want good food and service.

Buffet Adult Price (AED) Child Price (AED) Children (under 6 years) Booking Requirement
Kavo Iftar Buffet 99.00 49.00 Free 24 hours in advance
Other Buffets 36.75-89.00 N/A N/A Varies

Being part of the La Mer beach restaurants, Kavo is a top pick for elegant meals. It combines the best of chef’s specialties with the delights of a Mediterranean cuisine feast.


Contact: 0501354388


7. Mara Lounge Restaurant

elegant dining destination at Mara Lounge

At La Mer, the Mara Lounge Restaurant shines as a place for exquisite dining by the water. It’s known for its unique gastronomy and is a top choice among La Mer restaurants in Dubai.

Visitors step into a sophisticated setting for a grand food journey. The service and careful details show the quality of Dubai’s dining is famous.

The Mara Lounge stands out with its unique tastes and artful dishes. It offers a mix of local and global delights for every taste.

Looking for a fancy place with stunning waterfront views? Mara Lounge at La Mer restaurants Dubai is perfect. Its outstanding food and atmosphere will impress anyone.


Contact: 043476007


8. Vega by Puranmal

culinary excellence

Vega by Puranmal is a top spot for Indian cuisine, known for mixing traditional tastes with modern gourmet dishes. It’s found at Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah Road, Villa No. 84, Opp McDonald’s – Dubai. This spot has won high praise for its culinary excellence.

It has a 4.20 rating on Google from 605 reviewers. This shows it’s not just good in food but also in service, atmosphere, and value. Its location is great for fans of la mer restaurants.

Diners love the varied gourmet Indian dishes and the great service. They often talk about how ‘good’ and ‘Indian’ everything tastes, showing it’s a place you must try.

Vega is open every day from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm, and from 8:30 am on Fridays. They’re welcoming to both early birds and night eaters. You’re in for a treat with their mix of traditional Indian spices and modern cooking styles.

Discover an amazing food experience at Vega by Puranmal. Every dish celebrates India’s food culture in a way that suits everyone’s taste today.


Contact: 043854693


9. Woks Den

gourmet Asian cuisine

Woks Den is set among La Mer’s beach restaurants, offering a delightful fine dining experience. It presents a fusion of Asian cuisines, like Thai and Chinese, alongside seafood. Each dish is prepared with care, aiming to delight every guest.

Their menu shines with unique offerings, including Bami Goreng and Dragon Shrimp. You’ll also find classics like Thai Red Chicken Curry. The food reflects quality and traditional tastes blended with modern flair. Not just the food, the speedy service and cosy indoor setting have also been highly praised.

Service Details
Home Delivery Available
Takeaway Available
Indoor Seating Available
Valet Parking Available

It holds a strong 4.5 rating for dining and 4.1 for delivery on Zomato, showcasing its appeal. Reviewers have highlighted the fresh taste of their meals. Yet, some faced seating and cooling problems, possibly linked to Covid-19 measures.

A meal for two costs around AED 125, making it a good value. Woks Den is open from 11:00 am to 1:30 am on Sundays to Wednesdays. On Thursdays to Saturdays, the doors stay open till 4:00 am.

To book a table or learn more, call +971-4-526-0530. Whether you’re keen to try Asian specials or new flavours, Woks Den ensures a top-notch dining time.

Contact: 0507629469



La Mer’s culinary scene is filled with delights. The array of food at the La Mer Dubai restaurants caters to all tastes. Places like Makan, Masti La Mer, and Catch 22 offer not just great food but also amazing views.

There’s more excitement coming to La Mer soon. With 9 new eateries and 3 beach clubs on the way, visitors will have even more to choose from. This expansion will bring seafood, Italian, Japanese, and Mediterranean flavours, making the seaside dining better. The beach clubs will add fun activities and private places for relaxation.

One place to look out for is J1 Beach, opening in September. It will have top brands and beautiful beach clubs like Gigi Rigolatto. This new spot will have 13 spots to eat, including ten fancy restaurants, all next to a stunning 500-metre beachfront.

This transformation at La Mer from a focus on fast food to luxury is big news. Instead of fast food, J1 Beach will feature top-quality options. Plus, it has a big parking lot and valet service, showing how it values comfort and luxury. La Mer’s changes make it a prime eating spot in Dubai, where fine dining meets serene sea views.


Why are La Mer restaurants closed?

La Mer restaurants close for many reasons like renovations or maintenance. They also adjust for seasons. Always check for the latest info at the specific restaurant.

Is La Mer Beach open to the public?

Yes, La Mer Beach welcomes everyone. It has fun activities, places to eat, and beautiful sea sights.

Is La Mer a good area in Dubai?

La Mer is a lively spot in Dubai. It’s famous for its stunning beach, diverse dining, and things to do. Locals and tourists alike enjoy it.

What dining experiences can I expect at La Mer restaurants?

At La Mer, you’ll find places to eat for every taste. From fancy seafood to laid-back beach snacks. All with amazing sea views and a chill vibe.

What type of cuisine does The Daily La Mer offer?

The Daily La Mer serves up fresh seafood and food from the coast. Enjoy your meal with a beautiful view of the sea.

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