Best Michelin Star Restaurants Dubai | A Culinary Paradise
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Best Michelin Star Restaurants Dubai | A Culinary Paradise

Are you ready to embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant city of Dubai? Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and indulge in exquisite dining experiences at some of the best Michelin star restaurants in Dubai. From world-renowned chefs to innovative cuisine, this guide will take you on a gastronomic adventure like no other. So buckle up and get ready to discover the top Michelin star restaurants that Dubai has to offer!

Best Michelin Star Restaurants Dubai

1. French Riviera

French Riviera gastronomic experiences

Think of the French Riviera Dubai, and you imagine sophistication, luxury, and amazing food. It was recently included in the Michelin Guide for Dubai. This place is all about top-notch luxury dining in Dubai. It sits by the water, offering beautiful sights and amazing food.

The French Riviera Dubai is now listed among the top Michelin-starred restaurants next to the water in Dubai. People can enjoy true French cuisine Dubai while looking out over the calm water. The highlight here is the real French flavors and high-end cooking tactics.

With more Michelin stars than before, Dubai is up there with top food cities like London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo. The addition of the French Riviera to the Michelin Guide shows Dubai’s growing importance in the food world. Visitors can look forward to amazing French Riviera gastronomic experiences. These combine fancy dining with beautiful views.

In 2022, the UAE got its first Michelin Guide award, recognizing Dubai’s amazing food scene. The French Riviera Dubai stands out for its top-class dishes. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking luxury dining in Dubai. The French Riviera offers a unique gastronomic adventure, whether for a special event or to enjoy high-quality meals by the sea.

Contact: 800323232


2. Il Ristorante – Niko Romito

In Dubai, Il Ristorante – Niko Romito shines brightly within Bulgari Hotel & Resorts. It proudly offers 2 Michelin star quality dining. The restaurant has quickly become a top choice for lovers of fine Italian food. This success is thanks to Chef Niko Romito’s skill and his team’s passion.

It’s exciting to know Il Ristorante has two Michelin stars, as does STAY by Yannick Alléno. Niko Romito, a chef famous for his three-Michelin-starred venue in Abruzzo and high praise on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, brings his A-game to Dubai.

Il Ristorante isn’t just about the accolades. It scores big with dishes that change with the seasons. Their menu keeps things fresh while always aiming to delight. For Dh750, guests get to enjoy a wonderful seven-course meal that leaves nothing out, even including drinks.

One key thing that makes Il Ristorante special is its staff, all from Italy. They are more than waiters; they are storytellers of Italian food. Known for their deep knowledge of Italian cuisine, they add a layer of authenticity that makes dining here an experience.

Contact: 047775622


Below is a summary table of the key highlights of Michelin-starred dining experiences in Dubai:

Restaurant Establishment Michelin Stars Notable Features
Il Ristorante – Niko Romito Bulgari Hotel & Resorts 2 Seven-course set menu, seasonal dishes, fully Italian staff
STAY by Yannick Alléno One&Only The Palm 2 Pastry Library, modern French gastronomy
Al Muntaha Burj Al Arab 1 European cuisine, panoramic views
Hakkasan Atlantis The Palm 1 Innovative Cantonese dishes
Nobu Atlantis The Palm 1 Japanese-Arabian fusion, cooking classes
Ristorante L’Olivo Al Mahara 1 Seafood, Capri-inspired dishes

3. STAY by Yannick Alléno: French Culinary Art

STAY by Yannick Alléno Dubai

At Dubai’s STAY by Yannick Alléno, you’ll find top-notch French dining. It’s right at the One&Only The Palm resort. Here, dining is more than eating; it’s an experience. The place has earned two Michelin stars for its top-quality food and fresh take on flavor.

STAY means Simple Table Yannick Alléno. It shows they believe in keeping things simple. But simple doesn’t mean boring. Their food fuses old French tastes with new cooking methods. Everyone loves their famous Pastry Library experience, where you can explore the finest French cakes.

The menu at STAY by Yannick Alléno changes a lot. Why? Because they only use the best ingredients they can find. Customers can pick from different set meals. There’s a four-course one called “Emotions” and a bigger six-course pick named “Experience.” The six-course treat costs Dh1,100. They’re open from Tuesday to Sunday for dinners from 7 PM to 11 PM.

Even in 2023, STAY keeps its two Michelin stars. This makes it among the top places to eat. Its spot at One&Only The Palm is perfect for food lovers. They know it’s the go-to place for French culinary innovation.

Yannick Alléno’s magic shines at STAY in Dubai. He’s known worldwide for his three Michelin-star restaurants. Here, enjoy food from the spit to luscious treats from the Pastry Library. It’s a chance for anyone to taste real sophisticated French dining.


Contact: 044401010


4. Trésind Studio: Modern Indian Cuisine

Trésind Studio Dubai

Trésind Studio Dubai offers a unique take on modern Indian cuisine. It’s run by Chef Himanshu Saini and has won an Indian restaurant-style cuisine Michelin star. You can find it in the stunning The Palm Jumeirah area. The setting is intimate, with only twenty seats.

At Trésind Studio, dive into a gourmet degustation menu with 13 courses for a great price. It costs AED350 (US$95, £73, EUR82) a head. This menu, Le Jardind, has options for both vegetarians and meat lovers. It starts with unique dishes like cucumber gazpacho pani puri and goes on to showcase India’s culinary traditions with meals like butter chicken and wagyu beef korma.

Even with the pandemic, Trésind Studio introduced two new menus. They focus on using fresh, local ingredients from UAE. Though the desserts aren’t the highlight, the overall experience shines with top-notch settings and service.

The dining culture at Trésind Studio honours guests as gods. The dining area blends casual and formal while updating Indian cooking in Dubai. The eatery also features Papadom, a bar with an array of cocktails, including unique sips like Black Lime Gin Wine.

Trésind Studio welcomes guests from Tuesday to Sunday, from 6 PM to 11 PM. It’s a top spot for those who want to explore India’s culinary heritage in a new way. For bookings and more info, touch base with the restaurant directly or check out their website.

Key Highlights Details
Michelin Stars 2 Stars
Location Palm Jumeirah, Nakheel Mall, Dubai
Season 5 Menu 13-course tasting menu
Price AED350 per person
Operation Days Tuesday to Sunday
Operation Hours 6 PM to 11 PM
Head Chef Chef Himanshu Saini
Signature Drinks Papadom Bar Cocktails


Contact: 0588951272


5. Rüya

Rüya Dubai

In the heart of Dubai, Rüya Dubai shines as a place for great food. It mixes the deep history of Anatolian food with Dubai’s modern dining world. It welcomes everyone, offering a taste of Turkey’s rich food culture.

Rüya Dubai’s menu is a mix of old and new Turkish tastes. It brings together traditional flavours and new cooking methods. Every dish tells a story from Anatolia, with a touch of modern Dubai elegance.

Rüya is making Dubai’s fine dining scene even brighter. While it may not have a Michelin star yet, Rüya is known for serving top-quality, authentic food. The restaurant’s setting enhances the whole dining experience, touching all senses.

Dubai is now home to 14 Michelin-starred restaurants, marking a food revolution in the city. 11 got one star and three got two, showing Dubai’s growing food fame. Even without a Michelin star mention, Rüya’s strive for the best puts it among Dubai’s finest, showing Dubai’s food passion.

For those who love a mix of old flavours and new, Rüya Dubai is perfect. It’s a bridge between ancient Anatolia’s food and Dubai’s exciting now. This makes Rüya a must-stop for anyone who enjoys great food.


Contact: 042180065


6. Al Muntaha: Elevated Dining at Burj Al Arab

panoramic skyline views restaurant

Located on the 27th floor, Al Muntaha Dubai gives a unique dining view. It’s 200 meters up, over the Arabian Gulf. This 1 Michelin star restaurant is known for its great food and stunning sights. It’s a top pick for elegant dinners in Dubai.

At Al Muntaha, Chef Saverio Sbaragli combines French recipes with Italian flair. He’s learned from big names like Alain Ducasse. Customers love the truffle salad, king crab tartlet, and burrata cheese risotto.

There’s also a special Degustation Menu, made by Chef Sbaragli. It costs AED 1,100 for six courses.

Al Muntaha’s menu includes treats like Black Truffle Risotto with smoked goat cheese. They also serve special cocktails, such as the Negroni, and fine wines from France and Italy.

Situated in the Burj Al Arab, Al Muntaha pairs a luxury setting with beautiful views. Guests see the Dubai Marina from every table. The name Al Muntaha means “the ultimate” in Arabic, and the place truly lives up to it.

Feature Details
Location 27th Floor, Burj Al Arab
Michelin Star 1
Head Chef Chef Saverio Sbaragli
Notable Dishes Truffle Salad, King Crab Tartlet, Black Truffle Risotto
Degustation Menu AED 1,100 per person
Views Panoramic skyline views restaurant

Contact: 800323232


7. Avatara: Innovative Vegetarian Delights

creative vegetarian cuisine

In the heart of Dubai, Avatara Dubai brings a fresh take to vegetarian dining. With Chef Rahul Rana at the helm, it’s the first and only Indian vegetarian restaurant with a Michelin star. This shines a spotlight on how creative vegetarian food can be, while honouring Indian culinary traditions.

At Avatara, Chef Rahul Rana has put together a special 16-course menu, all vegetarian. The menu is inspired by simple, seasonal ingredients. These ingredients, fresh from local farms, are used to create dishes that showcase the best of Indian cooking.

This place is welcoming to all, ready to cater to vegan and gluten-free diets. The menu makes smart use of local veggies that might often be overlooked. This ensures an exciting culinary experience, breaking the idea that vegetarian food is limited.

Getting a MICHELIN Star has really put Avatara Dubai on the map, drawing in visitors from all over. Ever since its star turn at the Michelin Guide Ceremony Dubai in 2023, the place has been meeting high expectations. It stays as a top choice for veggie foodies in Dubai.

Chef Rahul Rana knows his way around vegetarian and dessert cooking. He moved from a top spot at Trèsind to lead the team at Avatara. His goal is to offer a fresh, vibrant take on classic Indian food. Each meal here is meant to be a stand-out culinary adventure.

  • World’s first and only vegetarian, Indian, Michelin star restaurant
  • 16-course vegetarian menu with a creative twist
  • Inclusions for vegan and gluten-free diets
  • Significant increase in global diners post-MICHELIN recognition
  • Innovative plating techniques enhancing the dining experience

The care put into Avatara’s menu and its dedication to top-notch quality are clear. Avatara Dubai truly stands out as a leader in vegetarian cuisine. It’s a place that dishes up something truly special in the world of Indian food in Dubai.


Contact: 0581432867


8. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal: A Taste of History

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal Dubai

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal Dubai is not just any dining spot. It plunges diners into British culinary history. You’ll taste dishes from different times like 1965, 1440, 1946, and 1500. The place uses today’s cooking methods to revive ancient recipes. This happens in the beautiful Atlantis The Royal hotel. The result? A meal that educates and entertains as much as it satisfies.

Chef Tom Allen leads the team, bringing his skills from working at the three Michelin star restaurant, the Fat Duck Group. This restaurant in Dubai has won its own Michelin star. Prices for dishes start at Dh155 and go up to Dh375. Don’t miss out on the Tipsy Cake for Dh130 and the special ice cream for Dh100.

What sets this place apart is the special care you get. It’s a top choice for those wanting Michelin star food at Atlantis The Royal. The dishes not only explore food’s past but also please today’s tastes.

Chef Tom Allen’s mark is seen in how Dinner by Heston Blumenthal started in London in 2011. Its recent Michelin star win in Dubai highlights its excellence. This just shows the restaurant is a key player in the world of fine dining.

Looking for a place for a special event? Dinner by Heston Blumenthal caters to private gatherings for up to 12. This makes it perfect for moments you want to remember. They aim to teach you about food while making your time there warm and special.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal mixes old British recipes with today’s dining in a standout way. Visit from Tuesday to Sunday to discover more about British culinary history.

Culinary Highlight Price (Dh)
Tipsy Cake 130
Nitrogen Ice Cream Trolley 100
Other Dishes 155-375


Contact: 044262444


9. Moonrise: A New Star in Dubai’s Michelin Galaxy

Moonrise Dubai recently won a Michelin star. It’s located at Eden House, offering an artistic menu. This has caught the eye of food lovers all over the world.

Solemann Haddad, the head chef of Moonrise, won the Michelin Dubai Young Chef Award at age 26. His style combines modern and traditional tastes. His success shows Moonrise is at the forefront of fine dining.

Dubai boasts 17 Michelin star restaurants, with five at Atlantis the Royal. Moonrise is popular among Dubai’s 90% expat residents. It adds to Dubai’s diverse food choices.

Tourism in Dubai is growing, with over 4.67 million visitors in early 2023. Moonrise offers a unique dining experience with two dinner sessions. It lets guests enjoy creative and expertly cooked meals.

  • Michelin-starred restaurants in Dubai: 17
  • Bib Gourmand restaurants: 17
  • Price range at Michelin-star restaurants in Dubai: AED750 to £375

Dubai’s food scene includes top places like Trèsind Studio and Orfali Bros Bistro. Hoseki, a special Japanese spot, is also noteworthy. All these places show Dubai’s strong food influence.

Moonrise Dubai stands out in the Michelin-starred arena. It’s part of a growing trend of top chefs coming to Dubai. Moonrise shines as a leader in creative cuisine.


Contact: 0506972946


10. Hakkasan: Chinese Cuisine with a Twist

Hakkasan Dubai

Located in Atlantis The Palm, Hakkasan Dubai is a top Michelin star Chinese restaurant. It’s known for its creative Cantonese food. Here, you’ll find a wide range of tasty Chinese dishes with a modern twist.

Hakkasan Dubai offers a beautiful mix of old and new in its decor. It’s a Michelin star venue that has won many fans thanks to its large menu. This includes a fancy Dim Sum dish selection. Think lobster har gao, siu mai with caviar, king crab mix, and special fried dim sums. They are served on a platter instead of the usual baskets, making them look and taste even better.

Visitors to Hakkasan can enjoy expertly made meals that highlight the best of Chinese cooking. It’s a must-visit place for anyone who loves tasty Chinese food in a classy environment. The restaurant welcomes guests every evening from 6 PM to 11 PM. It’s the perfect place for dinner at Atlantis The Palm.

Contact: 044260752



Dubai is clearly a top spot for food lovers since 2022. The Michelin Guide started to award stars here, pushing Dubai into the gourmet scene. The city now boasts 14 top restaurants, showing off its varied taste.

Restaurants like Il Ristorante and STAY have Two Michelin Stars. They prove Dubai is serious about great food. Also, places like Tresind Studio and Avatara show Dubai’s fresh ideas. Classic favourites like Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and Hakkasan add rich history to dining.

Dubai’s food scene welcomes everyone, no matter the budget. You can enjoy a special three-course meal at 11 Woodfire for AED 250. This makes trying Michelin star food in Dubai within reach for more people. The Michelin Guide includes 23 cuisine types in 90 places. The Michelin Green Star also recognises efforts for a more sustainable future.

Wondering about Michelin stars in Dubai or how many 3-star restaurants there are? Dubai’s food scene is ready to amaze. Whether you love fine Italian or want to try something new like Moonrise, Dubai always aims for the best. With Michelin’s help in spotting great places, Dubai ensures every meal is a remarkable experience.


Does Dubai have any Michelin star restaurants?

Yes, Dubai has multiple Michelin-starred restaurants. They offer a wide range of gourmet dishes from various cuisines.

Who has 7 Michelin stars?

Chef Yoshihiro Murata, a top Japanese chef, holds all 7 Michelin stars. His restaurants shine bright.

What is the meaning of Michelin?

The Michelin Guide publishes yearly award guides. Michelin stars are given to top restaurants. A Michelin star shows a place is excellent, having great food and service.

Who has 21 Michelin stars?

Chef Alain Ducasse from France has received 21 Michelin stars. He is known and appreciated by many.

Where can I find Michelin star restaurants in Dubai city centre?

Dubai’s city centre is filled with Michelin-starred restaurants. They are in luxury hotels and near famous landmarks. This makes it a great spot for food lovers.

What types of cuisines can be found at Michelin star restaurants in Dubai?

In Dubai, Michelin restaurants have a huge variety. You can try modern Indian, real Italian, and fancy French food. They also offer Turkish, vegetarian, Cantonese, and British dishes.

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