Best Pakistani Restaurants in Fujairah | Spice & Flavor
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Best Pakistani Restaurants in Fujairah | Spice & Flavor

Fujairah is famous for its beautiful landscapes and lively culture. It’s also a top spot for authentic Pakistani food. You’ll find everything from aromatic curries to sizzling tandoori dishes. These Pakistani restaurants in Fujairah bring the tastes of Karachi or Lahore right to your table.

In this guide, we’ll show you the top Pakistani restaurants in Fujairah. Here, you can enjoy the real flavours of Pakistan and have a dining experience you won’t forget.

Best Pakistani Restaurants in Fujairah

1. Shan E Pakistan

Shan E Pakistan


In the heart of Fujairah, Shan E Pakistan is a top spot for those wanting to dive into Pakistani food. It’s known for its focus on real Pakistani flavours. Diners get to taste the bold and aromatic dishes loved across the Indian subcontinent.

Walking into Shan E Pakistan feels like a trip to Lahore or Karachi’s lively streets. The decor is warm and traditional, setting the scene for a memorable meal. The smell of slow-cooked dishes and grilled meats fills the air, making you eager to try them.

The chefs at Shan E Pakistan are from Pakistan and use old recipes and methods. This makes the food truly authentic. The menu offers a wide range of Pakistani dishes, letting diners enjoy the complex flavours of the region.

The Biryani here is a must-try, with its mix of spices and tender meat. The Nihari, a slow-cooked beef stew, is another favourite. There are also many vegetarian options, showing the restaurant’s care for all tastes.

Shan E Pakistan is more than just a place to eat. It takes diners on a journey through Pakistani culture. The friendly service and true Pakistani feel make it a top spot for food lovers.


Contact: 092221236


2. Al Zaman Restaurant

Al Zaman Restaurant


In the heart of Fujairah, Al Zaman Restaurant is a top spot for authentic Pakistani food. It’s known for its flavourful dishes, like juicy kebabs and delicious biryanis. The menu has something for everyone, making it a favourite among food lovers.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is warm and inviting. It’s decorated with traditional Pakistani decor, making it feel cosy and welcoming. The staff’s great service makes every visit special.

If you’re looking for the best biryani in Fujairah, come to Al Zaman Restaurant. The chefs prepare this iconic dish with care, using top-quality ingredients and traditional methods. It’s a treat for both biryani fans and newcomers.

There’s more than just biryani at Al Zaman Restaurant. You’ll find tasty kebabs, curries, and traditional desserts. The focus on authenticity and quality means every dish is a delight, making it a top choice for Pakistani restaurant in Fujairah.

The al zaman restaurant Fujairah experience is unmatched. It’s a beloved spot in Fujairah, perfect for those wanting a taste of home or a new culinary adventure. It leaves a lasting mark on your taste buds.

Contact: 092242297


3, Karachi Darbar Fujairah

Karachi Darbar Fujairah

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In a quiet corner of Fujairah, Karachi Darbar Fujairah is a hidden gem for those who love Pakistani food. It offers a wide range of traditional Pakistani dishes. Each dish takes you straight to the lively streets of Karachi.

From soft naan to hot kebabs, every bite is an adventure. It brings out the rich tastes and bright spices of Pakistani food.

The menu is full of authentic Pakistani dishes. You can try the tasty biryani, a rice dish with tender meat and spices. Don’t miss the seekh kebabs or the daal and saag paneer for a mix of textures and flavours.

What makes Karachi Darbar Fujairah special is its focus on Pakistani food traditions. The chefs, from Karachi, prepare each dish with care and the best ingredients. This creates a dining experience that feels like a trip to Pakistan.

If you love Pakistani food or want to try new tastes, Karachi Darbar Fujairah is a place to go. It has a warm atmosphere and real Pakistani dishes. It’s a top restaurant in Fujairah for a great meal.

Contact: 092222823


4. Kabab Al bastakiah

Kabab Al bastakiah

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If you’re looking for a real Pakistani dining spot in Fujairah, Kabab Al bastakiah is the place to go. This restaurant is all about grilled meats and tandoori treats. Their menu is a real treat for Pakistani food lovers, with dishes like succulent lamb chops and aromatic chicken tikka.

The star dish here is the Kabab Al bastakiah, a grilled lamb skewer with a mix of spices. It’s cooked to perfection, with a smoky taste from the charcoal grill. You can also try their seekh kebab and bihari boti for starters.

For tandoori lovers, Kabab Al bastakiah has a lot to offer. The chicken tikka is marinated in a special spice blend and cooked in a tandoor oven. They also have different types of naan bread, like garlic naan and buttery paratha, perfect with the grilled meats.

But there’s more to try than just the grill. The haleem, a slow-cooked mix of lentils, meat, and spices, and the biryani, with its layers of rice and spices, are also must-haves.

Kabab Al bastakiah is a gem for anyone who loves Pakistani food or is just looking for a new dining spot. With its focus on quality ingredients and traditional cooking, it’s a top choice in Fujairah.

Contact: 0558933444


5. Al Ghurfa Restaurant & Sweets

Al Ghurfa Restaurant & Sweets

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In the lively heart of Fujairah, Al Ghurfa Restaurant & Sweets is a gem. It offers the finest Pakistani food and traditional sweets. It’s a top spot for those wanting a real Pakistani meal in Fujairah.

The sweets here are truly special. You’ll find everything from the sweet gulab jamun to the creamy kulfi. Each dessert is made with great care, keeping the traditional tastes and textures alive.

The place has a warm feel that matches its great food. It’s perfect for enjoying Pakistani culture and flavours. Whether you want a big Pakistani meal or just a sweet treat, you’ll love it here.

If sweets are your thing, you’ll adore the sweets menu at Al Ghurfa Restaurant & Sweets. They have classics like gulab jamun and kulfi. Plus, there’s jalebi, zarda, and barfi in many flavours.

Looking for a tasty Pakistani meal or just something sweet? Al Ghurfa Restaurant & Sweets is the place to be. Dive into the rich food traditions of Pakistan in Fujairah’s heart.

Contact: 092225258


6. Pindi Boys Restaurant

Pindi Boys Restaurant

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In the heart of Fujairah, the Pindi Boys Restaurant is a gem for food lovers. It’s known for its amazing Pakistani dishes that delight both locals and visitors. The restaurant is famous for its authentic tastes and carefully made meals.

The menu at Pindi Boys Restaurant is full of traditional Pakistani dishes. You’ll find everything from aromatic biryani with spices and tender meat to juicy seekh kebabs. Each dish shows the restaurant’s focus on quality and true Pakistani flavours.

The place is known for its friendly vibe and bright decor. It makes you want to stay and enjoy the Pakistani flavours. Whether you love Pakistani food or are just curious, you’ll have a great time here.

If you’re looking for the best Pakistani food in Fujairah, don’t miss Pindi Boys Restaurant. It’s dedicated to keeping Pakistani food traditions alive. This makes it a favourite among those who love great food.

The Pindi Boys Restaurant in Fujairah is a top spot for Pakistani food. It’s known for its delicious menu, friendly service, and welcoming atmosphere. It’s a go-to place for those who want the best Pakistani dishes in Fujairah.

Contact: 092779223



Fujairah’s Pakistani restaurant scene shows the city’s rich culture and its growing fame as a food spot. Places like Shan E Pakistan and Kabab Al bastakiah offer a tasty trip through Pakistan’s flavours.

If you love Pakistani food or are new to it, these places will make you want more. Start a tasty journey and find the spice and charm of top Pakistani restaurants in Fujairah.

The Pakistani restaurants in Fujairah highlight the city’s love for different foods. They aim to give everyone a great best Pakistani food experience.


What types of Pakistani dishes can I expect to find at the restaurants in Fujairah?

In Fujairah, top Pakistani restaurants serve a wide range of traditional dishes. You’ll find aromatic curries, sizzling tandoori dishes, fluffy biryanis, and succulent kebabs. There’s also a variety of delicious Pakistani sweets to try.

Which restaurant is known for its exceptional attention to authenticity and traditional cooking methods?

Shan E Pakistan is famous for its true-to-life Pakistani dishes. They use traditional cooking methods to bring the flavours of Lahore and Karachi to Fujairah.

Where can I find the best biryani in Fujairah?

For the best biryani, head to Al Zaman Restaurant. They use classic recipes and top-quality ingredients to make their biryani unforgettable.

Where can I enjoy both savoury Pakistani dishes and traditional sweets in Fujairah?

Al Ghurfa Restaurant & Sweets offers both savoury and sweet Pakistani dishes. It’s a place where you can satisfy both your hunger and your sweet tooth.

Which Pakistani restaurant in Fujairah is known for its vibrant atmosphere and lively dining experience?

Pindi Boys Restaurant is a hit with locals and visitors for its lively setting. It matches its authentic Pakistani dishes with a dynamic and energetic vibe.

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