Best Restaurants in Emirates Palace | Dining Spots
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Best Restaurants in Emirates Palace | Dining Spots

Explore top 7 best restaurants in Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi. This iconic place offers world-renowned chefs and luxury settings. You’ll find everything from local Emirati dishes to global tastes. All in the breathtaking splendour of this grand hotel.

At Emirates Palace, you can choose from fine-dining or more relaxed options. Each restaurant promises a unique culinary adventure. Get ready to treat your taste buds to the finest cuisine in Abu Dhabi.

About Emirates Palace

In the heart of Abu Dhabi lies the Emirates Palace. It stands as a famous luxury hotel and a key landmark in the United Arab Emirates. Known for its grand design, the hotel gives guests an indulgent and memorable stay. Rich in hospitality and premium dining experiences, the Emirates Palace showcases luxury at its peak.

Covering 85 hectares, its grounds are a haven of peace and beauty. The property shines with gold-plated domes and grand marble inside. It offers the finest in restaurants, including places by famous chefs and local dishes.

For a stay or a taste adventure, the Emirates Palace will charm and please you. It is praised for its exceptional hospitality and careful service. This has made it a standout in Abu Dhabi and the whole UAE.


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Best Restaurants in Emirates Palace

1. Vendôme

Inside the luxurious Emirates Palace lies Vendôme, known for fine French food. It’s run by chefs with Michelin stars. They use the best ingredients to make delicious meals.

Walking into Vendôme feels like stepping into a world of elegance. The decor and atmosphere are extravagant. They prepare you for a meal you won’t forget.

Vendôme’s success is thanks to its skilled chefs. They create dishes inspired by France’s lively tastes. They mix old and new cooking styles. As a result, you get a varied menu that highlights fresh local ingredients’ quality.

From the start, dining here feels special. Every dish shows the chefs’ strive for perfection. Expect each bite to be rich with flavour and texture. Whether you choose a light starter, a hearty main, or a sweet dessert, Vendôme aims to wow you.

For a top French dining experience, go to Vendôme at the Emirates Palace. It offers great service, a beautiful setting, and food from famous chefs. It’s the best spot for a remarkable meal.

2. Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi

Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi

In the luxurious Emirates Palace, Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi shines as a top spot for food lovers. Michelin-star chef Hemant Oberoi combines the bold tastes of India with the rich dishes from the Emirates. Together, they bring alive a unique dining experience for all.

Step inside Martabaan and you’re entering a world of food magic. The place is beautiful and classy, making every meal unforgettable. Detail by detail, with the best service, it’s a dining dream come true for many.

The menu at Martabaan stunningly mixes Indian restaurant style and Emirati style. Chef Oberoi’s skills create a variety of dishes reflecting both cultures. In each bite, you’ll taste the rich spices of India and the sweet yet bold Emirati flavours.

Try the creamy dal or the yummy martabaan, a pancake stuffed with Emirati meat, or the fragrant biryani. Every dish is more than a meal; it’s an experience. Martabaan aims to amaze with quality and creativity each time you dine with them.

Martabaan stands out in the Emirates Palace, offering top-notch Indian and Emirati dishes thanks to Chef Oberoi. It’s a place that promises a memorable dining adventure for anyone looking for the best in taste and tradition.

3. Hakkasan Abu Dhabi

hakkasan abu dhabi

Inside Emirates Palace, Hakkasan Abu Dhabi shines as a top-notch Chinese eatery. This Michelin-starred gem is known for its tasty Cantonese food and stylish setting. It gives guests an unforgettable time.

The menu at Hakkasan is a true taste of China, created by experts. From the famous Peking duck to the delightful Jasmine tea-smoked ribs, every bite is special. You’ll dine in a beautifully designed space with pretty screens and soft lights.

Hakkasan Abu Dhabi isn’t just about great food. It also offers top service, a special wine list, and a focus on the little things. This makes each trip to this award-winning spot one you won’t forget.

If you want an intimate evening or a big celebration, Hakkasan Abu Dhabi is perfect. It’s all about the best Chinese food and luxury in the Emirates. Such dedication to food and ambience earns it a top spot for anyone who loves quality.

4. Lebanese Terrace

lebanese terrace emirates palace

The Lebanese Terrace is at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. It’s a beautiful spot for outdoor dining. Here, guests journey through the tastes of the Levant region. The place offers true Lebanese meals that make every bite delightful.

This spot looks out to the Emirates Palace’s gardens and the Arabian Gulf. As diners enjoy the view, they can try a variety of Lebanese dishes. These include mezze platters, grilled meats, and tasty rice. The setting is perfect for a memorable authentic Lebanese cuisine experience and outdoor restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

At the Lebanese Terrace, the menu showcases the best of Emirati cuisine. It introduces guests to traditional Lebanese food, made with fresh ingredients and traditions. Try the fattoush salad, hummus, shish taouk, and lamb dishes. Each dish reflects the culinary excellence of the Lebanese Terrace Emirati Palace.

You can visit for lunch or dinner at the Lebanese Terrace. It offers a mix of grand Emirates Palace and Levant flavours. This is a top spot for a unique, authentic Lebanese cuisine experience in Abu Dhabi.

5. Talea by Antonio Guida

talea by antonio guida

In the grand Emirates Palace, you’ll find Talea by Antonio Guida. It’s a chic Italian eatery helmed by Michelin-starred chef Antonio Guida. This spot is where Abu Dhabi’s best and most genuine Italian dishes shine.

Walking into Talea feels like discovering a lavish oasis. Here, fine dining mingles with the beauty of Italy. The decor and furnishings inside reflect a refined, elegant style.

Talea’s menu is a masterpiece, filled with vibrant, lovingly created dishes. It features traditional Italian foods prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Guests enjoy everything from fresh pastas to tasty meats and seafood, showing the chef’s skill well.

The secret to Talea’s success is its focus on genuine quality. With his Michelin star, chef Antonio Guida pours his heart into showcasing true Italian flavours. Here, you’ll enjoy a meal that matches the best in Italy.

Whether it’s a special date or a chance to celebrate Italian food, Talea by Antonio Guida delivers. Its Michelin-star recognition, luxurious setting, and a menu bursting with Italian delights make it a top spot. A place not to miss for a top-notch dining experience in Abu Dhabi.

6. Le Café

le cafe emirates palace

In the heart of Emirates Palace is Le Café, a place for all-day dining in a laid-back atmosphere. It’s found within the famous Abu Dhabi hotel and gives diners a mix of dishes from around the world.

Le Café at Emirates Palace is perfect for those wanting a casual dining experience in luxurious palatial restaurant settings. It’s great for breakfast, a quick lunch, or a snack anytime during the day. They’ve got food for everyone and every moment.

The food menu at Le Café is full of dishes from various countries, from favourite classics to new tastes. Diners can enjoy a mix of international delights, such as fresh pastries, filling meals, and sweet treats. And they get to do this in the amazing le cafe emirates palace space.

Le Café is made for people who want a chilled place to eat and relax. It’s the right choice for a fast meal or a longer sit-down. Located at Emirates Palace, it’s a top place to take a break and enjoy the stunning hotel.

Cuisine Highlights Dining Experience
  • Freshly baked pastries
  • Hearty main courses
  • Decadent desserts
  • Casual and relaxed
  • All-day dining
  • Palatial restaurant settings

7. Episodes

episodes emirates palace

Visitors to the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi start a special journey at “Episodes”. This dining adventure is truly unique. It takes you through various themed dining areas, each showcasing different global cuisines.

The experience at Emirates Palace is like visiting different parts of the world in one setting. It combines traditional Emirati food with dishes from all over. This creates a dining experience that honours various culinary traditions.

At the hotel, you can enjoy dinners based on themes from the Middle East’s spices or Asia’s vibrant dishes. Each meal is carefully prepared by the Emirates Palace’s talented chefs. This lets diners dive into the rich cultural and flavourful offerings of Abu Dhabi’s food scene.

From a spread of authentic Emirati meals to the detailed tastes of Thai cuisine, the Emirates Palace’s Episodes are not to be missed. These meals bring together local and global dishes. Plus, they’re set in the stunning Emirates Palace, creating an unforgettable dining journey that truly captures Abu Dhabi’s essence.


The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi has amazing restaurants. It’s a top spot for food lovers. Chefs with Michelin stars and traditional cooking styles make the food here outstanding. In this ultra-luxurious hotel, guests enjoy meals in beautiful places.

Whether you’re into fancy dining or more laid-back meals, you’ll find something you love at the Emirates Palace. With elegant settings, every meal becomes a special event.

Places like the Vendôme and Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi are known worldwide. Then there’s the Hakkasan Abu Dhabi and the Lebanese Terrace, loved for their atmosphere. Plus, Talea by Antonio Guida, the Le Café, and the Episodes are also great. The Emirates Palace is the best place to eat in Abu Dhabi. Every bite is surrounded by luxury and top-notch service, making your visit memorable.


What are the top restaurants in Emirates Palace?

In Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace, amazing dining spots await. This includes Vendôme, Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi, and Hakkasan Abu Dhabi. You can also find Lebanese Terrace, Talea by Antonio Guida, and Le Café. They serve top-notch food from across the globe in exquisite places.

What kind of dining experiences can I expect at Emirates Palace?

Emirates Palace caters to all tastes, from high-end to more laid-back options. Enjoy Emirati flavours, fine French and Italian dishes, tasty Chinese meals, and much more. All while soaking in the luxury of this famous hotel.

Are there any restaurants at Emirates Palace that feature Michelin-starred chefs?

Indeed, you can dine at places created by top chefs. This includes Vendôme, Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi, and Talea by Antonio Guida. They offer unique menus with the chefs’ special touch, using the best local ingredients.

Can I expect a luxurious and opulent dining experience at Emirates Palace?

Yes, dining at Emirates Palace is all about luxury. The surroundings are both grand and beautiful. The service and every detail aim to give you a sophisticated experience.

Are there any outdoor dining options at Emirates Palace?

Lebanese Terrace allows you to dine outside. Enjoy Lebanese food in a beautiful setting. You’ll be surrounded by stunning palace views and greenery.