Top 10 Restaurants in JLT, Dubai | Dining Guide
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Top 10 Restaurants in JLT, Dubai | Dining Guide

Jumeirah Lake Towers, known fondly as JLT, is now a food lover’s paradise in Dubai. It’s filled with a rich mix of restaurants, perfect for anyone’s taste. More than 200 places to eat can be found here, making JLT the area with the most dining spots in Dubai.

This guide will show you the 10 best restaurants in JLT. It’s a chance to explore the vibrant food scene in Dubai. Get ready to enjoy meals from around the world, with each dish taking your taste buds on a global adventure.

About Jumeirah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is a vibrant area in Dubai’s heart. It’s perfect for those who love to dine. It sits by man-made lakes. There, you’ll find everything from simple cafes to fancy eateries.

The area is known for its laid-back, community feel. This makes exploring the food scene a joy. Thanks to its mix of different foods, it has something for everyone. You can taste Thai, Levantine, Mexican, and more. JLT truly shows off Dubai’s varied taste buds.

In Jumeirah Lake Towers, food choices are endless. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it. There are busy cafes, cosy spots, and famous restaurants. All these places make JLT a top spot for eating out in Dubai.

Feature Description
Location Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is a free zone and residential district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Dining Scene JLT is known for its vibrant and diverse dining scene, offering a wide range of cuisines from casual cafes to gourmet restaurants.
Atmosphere The neighbourhood’s relaxed, community-focused atmosphere creates a welcoming ambiance for residents and visitors.
Cuisine Variety JLT’s dining options cater to a wide range of palates, from Thai and Levantine to Mexican and Peruvian cuisines.

Top 10 Restaurants in JLT, Dubai

1. Nola Eatery & Social House

Nola Eatery & Social House

Located in Dubai’s Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) area, Nola Eatery & Social House is a top choice for dining and fun. It’s well-known for its lively vibe and being a favourite among people who work nearby. It’s the perfect place for a fun evening out with friends.

Nola is known for its big space and a bar where you can have a good drink. Patrons love it, especially in the evening. The menu is full of delicious dishes from around the world. But what really makes Nola stand out is its great atmosphere and friendly vibe. It’s where you can meet friends, have fun, and enjoy JLT’s vibrant nightlife.

The draw of Nola isn’t just the food. It’s also a top place to enjoy at the JLT. The relaxed yet lively atmosphere, a bar with plenty to offer, and top-notch service attract many. Nola checks all the boxes for those looking for a special dining and social spot in nola dubai.


Contact: 043998155


2. Bait Maryam: Authentic Levantine Flavours

bait maryam jlt

In the heart of Jumeirah Lake Towers, Bait Maryam shines as a top spot for true Levantine tastes. This spot has won praise from top guides like the Michelin Guide and the MENA 50 Best. It’s known as a place that truly welcomes diners to enjoy amazing Middle Eastern food and hospitality.

At Bait Maryam, you find a rich variety of Levantine dishes. Each one is carefully made, showing off the region’s food culture. Notable dishes include the delectable lamb neck with spiced rice, the zingy chicken sumac fatet muskhan, and the tangy pineapple juice with tasty fattoush.

Besides great food, Bait Maryam charms guests with its cosy, welcoming vibe. It feels like you’ve stepped into the Levant itself. This, paired with friendly service, adds to the overall dining experience. It’s fantastic for anyone looking to discover the true flavours of the Levant in lively Jumeirah Lake Towers.

For those who want to dive into Levantine cuisine, Bait Maryam in JLT is a top pick. It offers great food and a true taste of the Levant’s top dishes. This makes it a standout choice.


Contact: 0547044774


3. Cafe Isan JLT: Thai Culinary Delight

In Jumeirah Lake Towers, you’ll find Cafe Isan JLT. It’s a little-known gem that serves up incredible Northern Thai food. This spot has won awards and wowed those on the lookout for real, tasty Thai meals in a comfy spot.

Cafe Isan JLT stands out by going back to real recipes and using top-notch fresh bits. Its menu takes you on a food adventure. You’ll find loads of dishes highlighting the amazing flavours of Northern Thailand.

The larb is a big hit here. It’s a beef salad packed with delicious spices, herbs, and citrus. The pad thai is a must-try too. It balances sweet, sour, and savoury tastes perfectly.

But Cafe Isan JLT is not just about the food. They also offer good prices, fitting many pocket sizes. With two spots to choose from in JLT, the roof terrace is perfect for a laid-back dinner.

If you want a true Northern Thai meal in Jumeirah Lake Towers, head to Cafe Isan JLT. It’s a gem for amazing food and great prices. Whether you’re new to Thai food or a big fan, it will definitely impress your taste buds.


Contact: 0585291003


4. Gazebo

gazebo jlt

In the lively Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) area, you’ll find Gazebo. It’s a place where you can enjoy good food and a vibrant atmosphere. What sets Gazebo apart is its vibrant setting, perfect for socialising. This is not common in the JLT area. People often visit because it’s a licensed restaurant, which is special here.

Gazebo has a beautiful design and a welcoming feel inside. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a fun dining experience. You won’t find many places like it in JLT. It’s known for its lively vibe, making it a top pick for those after a licensed spot in town.

Gazebo has more to offer than just being licensed. It has a great variety of drinks and food to suit all tastes. So if you fancy a tasty cocktail or a satisfying meal, Gazebo is the place to be. They aim to give their guests an unforgettable time.

If you’re looking for lively dining and fun social options in JLT, Gazebo is your best bet. It has a unique mix of being licensed, having a lively atmosphere, and offering a diverse menu.


Contact: 045808411


5. Daikan: Slurp-Worthy Ramen

Daikan ramen

In Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), there’s a small gem called Daikan. It’s known for its amazing ramen. The shoyu ramen is a favourite, with its perfect mix of broth, noodles, and toppings. For a spicy option, the chef’s choice of ramen is a hit, adding heat to the meal.

Besides ramen, Daikan excels in other dishes too. Like the miso fried aubergine, takoyaki, and gyozas. These delights make Daikan a top spot for those craving Japanese food in JLT.

When you step inside Daikan, you’ll feel at home. The simple yet cosy design matches the authentic Japanese food they serve. Every dish cares for quality ingredients, making each bite a joy.

If you love ramen or want to explore Japanese cuisine in Dubai, Daikan is a must. It promises an experience that’s truly Japan-centric. This makes Daikan a gem not to miss for anyone in JLT looking for the best ramen.


Contact: 048768477


6. Friends Avenue: Cosy Café and Casual Dining

friends avenue cafe

In the lively part of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Friends Avenue stands out as a top spot for dining. It’s a bright, modern café loved by many. It serves up delicious breakfast items, tasty lunches, and dinners that will make your mouth water.

Friends Avenue is especially known for its breakfast foods like poached eggs and avocado toast. But it doesn’t stop there. For lunch and dinner, it dishes out meals such as burrata with spaghetti, an Ottoman Chicken bowl, and a famous double wagyu burger.

This café is perfect for any meal. It’s great whether you want to start the day slowly, recharge during the day, or enjoy a casual evening meal. The atmosphere is friendly and the food is always tasty.

Menu Highlights Pricing Range
  • Poached Eggs
  • Avocado Toasts
  • French Toasts
  • Burrata with Spaghetti and Pesto
  • Ottoman Chicken Bowl
  • Double Wagyu Burger
  • Breakfast: AED 30 – AED 60
  • Lunch/Dinner: AED 50 – AED 120

Friends Avenue has a warm atmosphere and a varied menu. It has become a favourite for those looking for a relaxed meal in Jumeirah Lake Towers. Here, you’ll find great options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s a place where you’re sure to enjoy the food and atmosphere.


Contact: 045545813


7. Fusion Ceviche: Peruvian Cuisine Gem

fusion ceviche jlt

Situated in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Fusion Ceviche is a top location for real Peruvian food. Chef Penelope Diaz leads the way, delighting visitors with her amazing ceviche and other favourites. It’s now a favourite spot for many.

The specials at Fusion Ceviche are all about ceviche. Dive into the sea bass, tuna Nikkei, and the amazing roasted octopus. These fresh and zesty dishes show what Fusion Ceviche is all about. They bring the flavour of Lima right to your plate.

Besides ceviche, Fusion Ceviche offers many other treats from Peru. Try the crispy empanadas or the sweet three-milk cake. You won’t be disappointed.

Fusion Ceviche is new in JLT but has quickly caught everyone’s attention. It’s a mix of great Peruvian food and a welcoming vibe. Many from Dubai and around the world love its food and atmosphere. It’s a “must-visit” for sure.

Are you a fan of Peruvian food or just getting started? Fusion Ceviche is the place to be. You’ll find amazing flavours waiting for you. It truly represents the best of Peruvian cuisine.

Contact: 044496292


8. Maiz Tacos: Mexican Street Food Fiesta

maiz tacos jlt

In the heart of Jumeirah Lake Towers stands a special place. It’s for those who love real Maiz Tacos JLT, tasty Mexican restaurant JLT meals, and a fun Tex-Mex JLT vibe. Maiz Tacos is a top choice for everyone who enjoys dining and knows good Jumeirah Lake Towers restaurants.

Walking into Maiz Tacos feels like stepping into a bustling Mexican market. Loud 90s R&B music fills the air, creating a lively scene. You’ll smell delicious sizzling meats, rich spices, and freshly made salsas. It’s a feast for the senses that makes you hungry just by walking around.

Their menu celebrates Tex-Mex classics like never before. Try the famous birria tacos, filled with soft beef that’s been slow-cooked perfectly. You won’t want to miss the pollo adobado or the carne asada either. These dishes show the true spirit of the cooking. If you’d like something lighter, the sweet potato and cauliflower bowl is both healthy and tasty.

Maiz Tacos is not just a place to eat; it’s a place to have fun. Their Taco Tuesdays are a big hit with JLT dining fans. They come for tasty tacos, cold margaritas, and dancing. It’s a night to remember, all thanks to the great food and the fun atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a taste of Mexican restaurant JLT excitement, Maiz Tacos is where you belong. It has won awards for its menu and the buzz it creates. This spot is a firm favourite among the Jumeirah Lake Towers restaurants for its genuine food and lively vibes.


Contact: 045144712


9. Mythos Kouzina & Grill: Taste of Greece

mythos kouzina

In the heart of Jumeirah Lake Towers, you’ll find Mythos Kouzina & Grill. It stands out as a top spot for real Greek flavours in Dubai. Known for its timeless Greek dishes and friendly vibe, this place wins hearts.

The Mythos Kouzina & Grill menu honours classic Greek tastes. You can enjoy dishes like grilled sea bass and slow-cooked lamb. They also serve fresh tzatziki with soft pita. Every plate celebrates Greece’s food culture, crafted with care by their skilled team.

Mythos Kouzina & Grill goes the extra mile to make dining special. The place is beautifully designed, offering a mix of elegance and comfort. Here, booking ahead is wise, reflecting its high regard in the Jumeirah Lake Towers dining scene.

Looking for a Mediterranean treat or an unforgettable meal? Then, Mythos Kouzina & Grill should be on your list. Their focus on genuine Greek dishes and inviting setting easily stands out. It’s a top choice for anyone who loves Greek food in the JLT area, attracting many Jumeirah Lake Towers dining fans.


Contact: 043998166


10. Pitfire Pizza: Best Pizza in JLT

pitfire pizza jlt

Pitfire Pizza is centrally located in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT). It’s a top spot for pizza lovers in Dubai. The place was set up by a team that’s passionate about making amazing pizzas. They’re now known for offering some of Dubai’s finest pizzas.

The focus at Pitfire Pizza is always on top-notch ingredients and careful preparation. They are proud of their slowly fermented crusts. These crusts form the perfect base for their tasty creations. One much-loved choice is their classic pepperoni pizza. It brings together spicy pepperoni with tangy tomato sauce and gooey mozzarella cheese in a mouth-watering way.

Pitfire Pizza also shines with its not-so-traditional options. The “Palm” stands out, with toppings like date, rosemary, and gorgonzola cheese. It’s a special mix of sweet and savoury. And it really shows off the skill of the Pitfire Pizza team.

They don’t just make great pizzas, though. They also offer bites like garlic knots and mac and cheese. These go perfectly with your main dish and add even more joy to the meal.

Living nearby or just visiting, Pitfire Pizza is a not-to-miss spot. Its commitment to quality, interesting flavour choices, and cosy feel stands out. That’s why so many people love it.

Menu Item Description Price
Pepperoni Pizza Classic pepperoni pizza with tangy tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese AED 45
The Palm Pizza topped with dates, rosemary, and gorgonzola cheese AED 50
Garlic Knots Freshly baked knots of dough, coated in garlic and parmesan AED 15
Mac and Cheese Creamy and indulgent mac and cheese, perfect as a side dish AED 25


Contact: 8007483473



Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) has become an exciting place to eat in Dubai. It offers many different restaurants that suit various tastes. For example, from the traditional Levantine tastes of Bait Maryam to the delicious ramen at Daikan. Plus, you can’t miss the favourite pizza spot, Pitfire Pizza. This guide highlights the top 10 dining spots in JLT you should check out.

JLT caters well to everyone, whether you want a casual coffee spot or a classy dinner place. This guide helps you find the best spots in JLT for any food lover in Dubai.

Now, call your pals and head to JLT. There are so many dishes waiting for you. Enjoy the food in JLT, which makes it a great place to eat in Dubai.


What type of cuisine can I find in JLT?

In JLT, you’ll find Levantine, Thai, Japanese, Peruvian, and Mexican food. There’s also Greek food and international classics like pizza. Plus, you can enjoy casual dishes at cafes too.

Are there any licensed restaurants in JLT?

Indeed, Gazebo is fully licensed. It’s known for its lively vibe and exciting dining and social scene. Perfect for those who crave fun moments while eating out.

What are some of the must-try dishes in JLT?

Don’t miss the lamb neck with spiced rice at Bait Maryam. Try the amazing ramen at Daikan. If you like ceviche, Fusion Ceviche has great options. Finally, you must try the birria tacos at Maiz Tacos.

Will I find a good breakfast or brunch option in JLT?

Friends Avenue is your go-to for delicious breakfast in JLT. They offer poached eggs, avocado toasts, and French toasts. Plus, they have tasty lunch and dinner choices.

What is the vibe like at the restaurants in JLT?

Restaurants in JLT vary in atmosphere. For a lively setting, visit Nola Eatery & Social House. If you prefer a laid-back feel, cafes like Friends Avenue are perfect.

Are there any award-winning or acclaimed restaurants in JLT?

Bait Maryam shines as a Michelin-recommended Levantine place. Cafe Isan JLT wins awards for its authentic Northern Thai cuisine. Both are known for their excellence.

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